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Nov 19, 2008 - Into Mancora, Peru

After such a hectic time in Chiclayo, we headed north to Mancora, Peru. What a blessing we encountered! In route, we went to Cabo Blanco. This is a small fishing village where Ernest Hemingway visited. It is believed he got his inspiration to write "The Old Man in the Sea" after fishing here. The largest fish ever caught here was a black marlin, weighing in at 710 kilos (that's 1,562 lbs.), caught in 1953. What can we say about Mancora - it's the most beautiful place we've been - especially after our trials of Chiclayo. We stayed at Mancora...

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Nov 9, 2008 - Mancora

Tomamos un bus a Mancora. Pasamos varios dias caminando por la playa, viendo las nuevas casas y hoteles, disfrutando el sol, y saliendo en la noche. Ahora se ve un flujo de turistas que no se veia antes en Mancora, en una semana cualquiera. El sol siempre radiante. Despues llegaron mi papa y unos invitados de USA. El plan cambio a comidas y conversaciones tranquilas. Todo muy bien. Por fin llego el dia de volver a Lima!

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Oct 10, 2008 - A day at the beach

Just a note to all readers, the Blue text is written be David and the Red by Jo. This should help explain certain comments on each blog. Guess what! Another very early start, 6ish, for a very long drive. From Cuenca we headed south to a Punta Sal, a beach near Mancora in Peru. Before crossing the border we drove through some amazing valleys where the local farmers have turned the flood plain in the valley floor into a patchwork quilt of relatively small lots. The workers are still dressed in traditional clothes; ponchos, cowboy hats, skirts...

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Sep 27, 2008 - Peru here we come!

We were up at 6am as planned and left by 6.30am. We had breakfast on the truck. It was a long drive day today with a border crossing as well. All went smoothly although we nearly had problems at the border... Some of us wanted to use the loo but the ones at the border offices were locked. We saw some signs across the road and started off in that direction only to be stopped by some official looking guy. We couldn't understand what he was saying but got the jist that we couldn't go across to the loos we wanted to. Back at the office someone...

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Bridget's Trip!

Jul 29, 2008 - The Beach!

To celebrate Indenpendence Day, we traveled to the coast to spend four days relaxing on the sunny, equatorial beach. Mancora is apparently a surfer's paradise; due to the meeting of the cold and hot currents at the coast of Piura, Peru, the beaches have some pretty "far out" waves good for boarding. The winner of the 2006 Women's World Surf championship is actually from Peru and has done a lot of promotion on the beach, making it one of the most famous on the West coast of Latin America. It was certainly relaxing, and had all the amenities...

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Jul 27, 2008 - Enjoying the rough and the smooth in Peru.

Hola Again, We haven't written an update since we were in Bolivia and we are now in Ecuador, so our challenge is to to tell you about our whole Peru experience in this update.....where to start?!! Well, Peru was a wonderful mix, of riding, of landscapes, of activities, of weather and of food. We probably had a greater variety of things in the nearly 7 weeks that we were there than we have had in a long time. Rather than the consistent dry, sunny and, at the higher altitiudes, cold weather we had become accustomed to in northern Argentina...

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Jul 7, 2008 - My life in PIura

We have been adopted into a family of multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-personae people employed by the Peace Corps. A large black man with dreadlocks from South Carolina with a generous heart simply known as “JA” has taken a liking to us, as he is our roommate, and kindly invited us into his world of Peace Corps friends. Elena, a wordy, eccentric girl with a boyfriend teaching English here is also nearby. It is nice to have friends here who speak English and can join in the celebration of July 4 with some grilled hamburgers, deviled...

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May 20, 2008 - Crossing from Peru to Ecuador

In PIURA Very early in the morning, at 5AM, we arrived in Piura with very good sleep given the comfortable bus. Jon first went to Loja International 2 blocks to the left of Linea bus terminal to buy our ticket that day to Ecuador (Piura-border-Loja) for 28 Soles/seat, 8 hours ride which takes off at 9:30AM. So we had roughly 3 hours to kill. Of course, we first went to the food market to admire all the fruit and meat and drinks. We had an aloe herbal drink at a street stand. We were all amazed by the speed of the vendor. (see video ) There...

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May 4, 2008 - Máncora, Peru

Ahh, my first time this trip I am on the ocean- and it is everything I dreamed it could be: sun, heat and not a drop of rain! From Chachapoyas my night journey took 10 hours to Chiclayo. I got there just before 5 in the morning and made an immediate decision to move onward north due to the hour of arrival (nothing was open). So, after another 6 hours on the bus (not so bad because the peruvian bus system is far superior to that of Ecuador) and I arrived in sunny Máncora. I have enjoyed the amazing ceviches, seafood and laid-back attitude. I...

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Apr 27, 2008 - From Huanacho to Pimental and on to Punta Sal

It took five long hours to travel from the Lambayeque museum the 200km to the town of Chiclayo, we travelled on a few kilometers more to the beach town of Pimental where our leader/drivers astonishingly suggested we set up our tents on the beach. It was already dark but it looked suspiciously to us as if it were another rubbish dump, there was broken glass everywhere and the sand was damp, who knew how high the tide might come in. Eventually some police arrived and pursuaded Ant and Brendan that the beach might not be the safest place to...

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Apr 1, 2008 - Cusco reflections and Mancora, Peru

After an 18 hour bus to Lima, another 16 hour bus from Lima to Mancora, Nathan and I are now basqing in the sun and loving every minute of it. Yes, it's tropical and hot here but I should explain a bit more about Cusco before I dive into the tropics. Nate and I had a great time in Cusco. Aside from the hike that Nate explained in detail, we also spent one full day in Pisa touring ruins and shopping in their famous weekend market. In addition, we also spent one day visiting another great ruins site just north of town. There are so many ruins...

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Jan 16, 2008 - Mancora and beyond

Well, i wrote a lovely little update the other day and was planning on finishing it the next day. However, it didn't save...oh technology how we love you so. So i will try to recreate it once again. We just finished up spending a few days lazing around the beach. And yes Michelle i got so burnt despite all the millions of applications of sunscreen i tried to apply. Unfortunately, its not the typical all over burn, its the ever so attractive splotchy burn. You know the type that looks like you dont know how to apply sunscreen properly. As if...

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