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May 18, 2008 - Beach surfing in Huanchaco, Trujillo, Peru

Arriving early at 5AM in Trujillo, a large city next to the coast, we debated whether we should catch a day bus that afternoon to Piura near the border of Peru and Ecuador. Trujillo is very famous for its many large pre-Inca ruins. But since we have already visited many ruins the past 2 weeks, we weren´t sure if we should stay a day in Trujillo. Then Jon read that 10km away from Trujillo is a small beach town Huanchaco where fishermen go fishing using a small reed boat which one can ride on. There are also surfing schools there. So we...

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May 8, 2008 - Trujillo

Hello Everyone Internet Cafes are not very popular here yet, so I apologize for the delay in posts. The last entry we posted was from Lima, but we traveled north to Trujillo on Tuesday via an overnight luxury bus. The seats fully recline and we had a flight attendent too. Trujillo has a population of 1 million and probably that many taxis too. Yesterday, we went to some ruins that are older than the Incas and date to 200 B.C. They recently found two temples near a small coastal town just south of Trujillo called the Temple of the Sun and...

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Apr 19, 2008 - Trujillo

Saturday April 19th – Our host family live in a suburb of Trujillo by the Golf and Country Club in what is pretty secure area. They, our hosts, seem preoccupied with security. After Lima and Quito, Trujillo seems to be a haven! They live in a nice townhouse in a complex of six townhouse accessible only through security gates. The area itself is heavily populated with private guards and people guarding cars. They have a five year old son and both are accountants and work for the government in various roles. Today they drove us around...

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Apr 18, 2008 - Quito to Lima to Trujillo

Friday April 18th – Up at 4.30 am to get a 4.50 am taxi to the airport. Everything went quite quickly until we joined the immigration line to check out of Ecuador. There were a lot of people in the airport at 5.30am and it took 45 minutes to get through. Quito was nice and cool when we left at 7.15am. Lima was 20 Celcius and humid when we arrived at 9.25am From the airport we took an uneventful (no accidents or potential heart attacks due to local driving habits) ride the bus station. We had booked front row seats on the upper deck of a...

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Mar 31, 2008 - Trujillo - a cultural explosion!

The number and size of the archeological sites aroung Trujillo is mind-blowing! We were lucky, and bargained our way to seeing as much as we could in a day and a half for very few Soles, including... Arco Iris (Chimu temple with lots of rainbows on the walls - hence the name); Chan Chan (HUGE Chimu city complex, made entirely of adobe, with ten walled citadels which housed ceremonial rooms, burial chambers, temples, reservoirs and some residences - it's really amazing!); Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna (two Moche temples: Huaca del Sol...

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Sep 24, 2007 - Peru - Trujillo

Trujillo in the north of Peru is a great example of how a colonial Spanish city should look. The buildings in the old part of the city have been beautifully restored and it was great just walking around taking it in. The major attractions around the area are the various pre-Incan ruins dating back over 2000 years. The area has little/no rain meaning the mud structures are generally well preserved, apart from the deliberate damage inflicted by treasure hunters after the Spanish colonisation. We visited a few of the ruins, and it was amazing...

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May 18, 2007 - Trojillo

The bus arrived in Trojillo at 6am. I had slept most of night. I picked up my Morchilla and than went to look for a hostel. I found an inexpensive hotel with private bathroom. I asked for hot water to make some Mate and than had the 1st hot shower in days. Than I went to get my Laundry sorted and to phone my parents! After I had my self organized, I went to the tourist office, to get some info about Chan-Chan and buses to Guayaquil. I realized that I didn't have my card on me so I had to go back to the hotel. When I finally arrived at the...

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Jan 10, 2007 - Lima, Trujillo and a little more

I have rented a place in Lima Peru (which is the capital). It is a large bustling and dusty city. Food and drink is sold on every part of almost every street; a culture obsessed with food! I am enjoying this culture...my waistline might not be! But never fear... I had more than enough food associated problems to keep my weight down...if you get my drift! Lima itself is not that fascinating in the conventional ways... but admiring the culture, learning about the prejudices, the dangers, the language and the every day aspects of life has...

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Aug 26, 2006 - Trujillo

I arrived in Trujillo at about 6.30 in the morning having had about 4 hours sleep because the bus was so uncomfortable, and caught a taxi to my hostel. I arrived there in enough time to have a shower and then breakfast where I found out that the owners do tours of the ruins at Chan Chan and Las Huacas del Sol y de la Luna - the temples of the sun and the moon, so I signed up. First off we started with the temples of the sun and moon. Our guide was a bit of a motor-mouth-robo-guide, he seemed to have a pre-prepared speech for the entire trip...

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Geraint's World Trip

May 14, 2006 - Trujillo et les ruines pre-incas

Nous voila a Trujillo, apres un trajet en bus qui nous a pris toute la journee de vendredi. Je n'irai pas plus au Nord avant mon retour en France ! La ville de Trujillo est assez mignonne, nous nous y baladons paisiblement le samedi en attendant le retour du soleil. Dimanche, il fait beau, et nous visitons les principales ruines autour de la ville. Ca change, ce ne sont pas les Incas qui les ont construites, mais les civilisations qui les ont precedes : d'abord les Moché (je fais l'effort pour l'accent cette fois, car sinon ca donne...

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May 6, 2006 - Huaraz-Trujillo

Tomé bus de Huaraz a Trujillo, pasando por el Cañon del Pato, que es espectacular. Miles de tuneles atravesando cordilleras de varios cientos de metros de altura, en una pista super angosta. Parecia que nos podian emboscar en cualquier curva.....felizmente no pasó nada.

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Mar 16, 2006 - Trujillo

We really didn't so much in Trujillo. After arriving at 6:00am on an overnight bus we have 15 hours to kill before getting on another overnight bus. We were hoping to cover more ground during the day, but busses only run these long routes at night. While at the bus station some thieves had another attempt at our bags. While sitting one distracted me and while I was gone they tried to distract Christine. Fortunately she didn't budge. Afterwards we were informed that there were 2 guys waiting right behind her to swoop for our stuff. These...

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