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Feb 3, 2006 - Huanchaco

So we now begin the geat decent. We are trying to quickly go from Ecuador to Cuzco and then Bolivia. We are breaking up the travels with some time on the coast of Peru. Its great here. A nice surfing town with a great beach. Hot days cool nights. Cold cold water. We certainly miss the caribbean. We went surfing and realized just how out of shape we are...we may be able to carry 24kilos on our backs and fend off the mobs of taxi drivers but to paddle out past the breaker was near impossible....will we ever be able to pull down climbing...

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Dec 29, 2005 - Peru - HuanChaco Beach

After our day in Trujillo, we felt we exhausted that venue (it's quite small) and headed a bit north of town about 30 minutes for the Beach town of Huanchaco. Again, way better than we expected. We'd suggest heading there instead of Mancora if you want a little more of a social beach scene and less bed bugs. Just as good surfing in our opinion. We walked around town, the beach and were gluttons on Cervasa and Pisco sours. Mmmmm. We are crossing the finish line. Leaving tonight to Atlanta to visit WOODY, Then on to Beautiful, sunny snowy...

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Nov 8, 2005 - Huanchaco, Peru

Huanchaco is the coastal beach town about 20 minutes northwest of Trujillo, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I took today to visit a few different ruins sites around Trujillo, and as a day where I could actually wake up and go to sleep in (somewhat) the same place without taking a major bus ride in between. So I got up and headed out first to Huaca de la Luna and Huaca de la Sol. This translates more or less to Temples of the Sun and Moon. These are two maginificently impressive and old pyramid structures that were actually constucted in...

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