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Jun 23, 2010 - Slow down, I want to actually use this language I am learning!

I am getting really used to cold showers here. I woke up this morning hoping for a nice warm shower (why, I don't know. I didn't get one yesterday) and got everything ready to wash my hair. I only wash it every couple of days. I find that it is no use to try to stay too clean here since, it seems that I get really dirty feeling right away. Oh, I dream of getting home, throwing these things in the wash and putting on something yummy and clean! Anyway, I got ready for the shower and turned on the water....nothing, only frio. Frio, frio, frio....

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Jun 22, 2010 - 3 hours of Spanish classes down, about 24 more hours left

I have arranged about 3-4 hours of classes a day! I was in bed last night, reading with my head lamp, ear plugs in, and warm socks, can't forget those. Guess what my thought was? Well, there were two. One had to do with the fact that my grammar and spelling must be horrible on these blogs... (ahh, the joys of being a teacher...) The other had to do with all the interesting characters that I have met here in Huanchaco, so far. So I have to write about them. First, I have to talk about David. He is my main Spanish instructor. I was told from...

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Jun 21, 2010 - What a difference a full night of sleep can do for a person!

I slept for over 12 hours last night. I was well prepared for this trip. I had my ear plugs in and my socks from Cusco for my feet. I even bought a pair of organic eye shades for my eyes. No problem that the roosters started crowing so early in the morning. I was not even aware until I took them off. When I removed my ear plugs I realized how completely loud it actually was. Yea. Two points for sleep. It made so much of a difference in my attitude towards today. ;) Last night I bought a deck of cards and was planning to chill out in my...

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Jun 20, 2010 - Two weeks in Huanchaco

The beach Town of Huanchaco. I took the overnight bus to this little beach town. It was the most torturous part of the whole trip. lol. Really, I hated it, but I tried to be strong. Oh my gosh, does my mind and my stomach really mess with me sometimes. I was told by several people that I should not worry, but the night before my trip, I got word that there are some things to worry about... I don't know, pickpockets-while you are sleeping, and the journey was a series of stops and goes and speed bumps. I don't think I have ever been over soo...

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Apr 9, 2009 - Huanchaco

First overnight bus from Mancora to Huanchaco, slept like a baby. HUANCHACO Learn to surf - I took lessons with Inger-Lisa a girl from our group from Norway. We took the lessons and Martin got the free shirt, dont ask me how that works, we both were teasing about that one. Surfing lessons were fun we both stood, and I stood with no help, i mean i caught my own wave. Makes me want to move to the beach when i get back and learn to surf for real. Chan Chan - This was surreal. Its the ruins of when the Chimu people use to inhabit the land....

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Oct 12, 2008 - Peru, Huanchaco

Driving from the mountains in Huaraz we took a bumpy dirt road through a deep canyon cutting through the Andes. It was a cramped chicken bus and literally we had chickens and roosters on board with us and stowed away under the bus were sheep and goats. We were quite surprised when we stopped for lunch when a bus driver emerged from a luggage compartment under the bus that had been converted into sleeping quarters, but we pretty sure you couldn't get much rest in a stuffy little hole on one of the bumpiest roads we took in Peru. We arrived...

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Oct 11, 2008 - Visiting an ancient City

For now just tracking our trip. Visted the ancient maze city of Chan Chan. Built over 6 centuries. Spent long hours driving through the desert to reach Lima, biding the time by playing cards.. one game of hearts lasted 6 hours! We had found a one-armed battery operated barbie doll (which we named Amber, in honour of the truck, and affixed to the front grill of the truck), but she was stolen overnight. Maybe she will turn up on the catwalk in Milan..?

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Apr 20, 2008 - Huanchaco

Sunday April 20th – today our hosts took us to a small coastal village called Huanchaco about 12 km north of Trujillo. This used to be a small fishing village until discovered by surfers and tourists. It is now going through a growth spurt and will continue to grow for quite a while. It has a marvelous beach and a cool wind from the south to make it very pleasant. We visited, with our hosts, a friend of theirs who had lived in Burnaby for several years before returning to Peru. He had built a large house overlooking the beach and sea and we...

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Feb 23, 2008 - The adventure on entering Peru

"You came on a fucked up day" (Rachel 2008 USA) We boarded a bus from Loja Ecuador to Puira Peru. All was good. Immigration stamped us out of Ecudaor and into Peru....Than they preceeded to tell us that we couldn't go into Peru because there was a strike a national strike and that they wouldn't stamp our passports back into Ecuador. They told us to hide on the bus. WHAT.... We took a car and headed into Peru. There were 5 of us. It took an hour to get to the first barrier were we walked across with no problems. Than we had to take moto...

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Jan 14, 2008 - Huanchaco....outside of Trujillo

Hola all! We finally made it out of Lima after a few days of hunting down my backpack from the airline. We left Lima around noon on a nice autobus headed toward Trujillo on the north coast. It was a fairly nice day for an 8 hour ride, not bad though. the country was mostly arid there along that stretch and strange right along the coast, basically a desert with a ton of sand dunes. Definitely not what we expected along the Peruvian coast. We passed quite a few smaller towns or barrios where shacks and roadside vendors were prevalent. it...

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Jun 6, 2007 - Huanchaco on the northwest coast

Huanchaco is a sleepy little fishing village on the northwestern coast of Peru. We arrived here after almost 9 hours on an overnight bus complete with reclining chairs, bus attendants (think flight attendants, just on a bus), and movie. The seats were comfortable enough, but I awoke somewhere around 4am with the distinct sensation of the bus rocking from side to side. It was a double decker bus and we were on the top deck. It felt like the bus was rocking from side to side as it rushed along. I came to realize that this was just the wind...

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Trip Journal

Perusing Peru

Apr 16, 2007 - Peru, Huanchaco - 14-15 April

Huanchaco is a small fishing village just outside Trujillo on the Pacific coast. It is most famous for its 'cabalitos de tortora' small fishing rafts made of totora reeds. The fishermen use them to ride the waves like surfboards on their way back from a day's fishing. Our main reason for visiting was to see some of the pre-Inca ruins (yes there was life before the Incas) of Chan Chan and Huacas del Sol and de la Luna. So after falling off our overnight bus from Mancora and some intense negotiation with a local taxi driver, Ramos, he agreed...

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