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Jun 22, 2009 - Nazca

This morning we woke and toured the Nazca Cemetery and saw lots of mummies and the remains of bodies thousands of years old. The tombs they were buried in are still in tact as are most of the bones and even the hair on some of the skeletons still remain. We then took a flight over the Nazca Lines. It was an amazing ride seeing these mysterious creatures etched into the sand and stone and thank god I don't get motion sickness! It is currently about 35 degrees here- We are pretty much in the middle of the desert. Apparéntly the reason...

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May 21, 2009 - Nazca lines

The Nazca Lines are an incredible archeological mystery. They are lines that were made thousands of years ago by the Inca people. They can be seen by the ground, but to see the magnitude and the whole picture, you need to see them from above. They consist of 800 straight lines that go for miles, over 300 geometric figures, called geoglyphs and over 70 images of animals and plants. Mathematically they defy the odds, and are perfectly straight lines that intersect each other making shapes. I can´t really describe them... but the pictures I...

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May 14, 2009 - Nazca

What a beautiful day! 23 degress and not a cloud in the sky! I have a new name here, Cielo - this means roof of the world and lamour! My tour guide often calls across to me with a smile as this is used between lovers also menaing ´honey´! Today we were up early for a flight over the Naza Lines. They stretching across the Nazca plains like a giant map or blueprint left by ancient astronauts. Peru is known for the Incan Civilisation who many link with alien visitors who still interact with local people to this day. The Nazca Lines are an...

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Apr 9, 2009 - Nazca

OASIS & SANDBOARDING- Still on the wayt to Nazca we stop at this oasis in the desert where we hire dune buggies to go sandboarding. Our drive was awesome and dune buggies were probably even funner than the sandboarding and the sandboarding was wicked. It was shocking and unexpected as we tore out of the car park heading at a fast speed into the sand. The whole experience was like a rollercoaster, pelting up sand dunes and expectign to roll any minute. Yeah like a rollercoaster but without the safety bar. So much fun I would do that in a...

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Mar 27, 2009 - Nazca - Ica

D e Cusco nous allons a Nazca, changement de décor total: après la fraiche montagne de Cusco nous nous retrouvons dans un chaud desert. Et oui, la cote peruvienne c’est le desert! A Nazca nos tetes provoquent chez les gens un elan d’esperance et le font accourir vers nous en criant “fly ticket?” nous nous repondons avec la meme negation qu’a Cusco, ce qui leur fait retomber dans la meme reverie qu’ils n’auraient jamais du quitter. Le fameux fly ticket c’est le tour en avión pour observer les celebres et mysterieuses lignes de Nazca, qui ne...

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Jan 23, 2009 - Nazca - Peru

Got to our hotel for 6.30am and thought I might get some sleep after our long overnight bus journey. You can never sleep comfortably bit like a plane. Anyway our flight over the Nazca lines was for 8am so it was a shower, no breakfast (not recommended before the flight) and then our transfer to the airport. I always forget how I hate those little planes very claustrophoic. However, it was worth it checking out the Nazca desert and looking at the amazing images carved out in the sand. Managed to see about ten of them and have loaded up a...

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Oct 26, 2008 - Nazca

Well we made it to Nazca ... at least for 4 hrs or so. Very tired and grumpy - getting a bit sick of the back to back overnight buses and lack of hotel rooms - also a wee bit stinky! Spoke to a few gringos who´d already been up for flights over the lines - I´ve got to say none of them were raving about it! So being the tight asses we are, we decided to skip the flight and just headout to a viewing platform set up overlooking 2 of the shapes. We were pretty happy with that decision ... check out the pics! Plus joy of joys it meant we could...

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Oct 21, 2008 - Nazca, Peru

Ravi -- What better way to follow an evening on a roller coaster dune buggy ride (fyi, I NEVER go on roller coasters because of my weak stomach) than a choppy, 5-seater airplane? Those of you who saw the latest Indiana Jones flick this summer have heard of the Nazca Lines. About 1500 years ago, the Nazca people had great mathematical skills, with aqueducts and irrigation still in use today. Their claim to fame, however, are the hundreds of drawings and geometrical shapes strewn across the desert. As you can see in the pictures, these...

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Oct 15, 2008 - Sketch-a-Doodle

We arrived in the late afternoon and jumped on a small plane to fly over the Nazca lines. It was a case of hold onto your lunch as the turbulence was quite bad and the pilot had to do horizontal figure eights to ensure everyone saw everything. The Nazca lines truly are amazing. There aren´t just a few symbols, there are hundreds of lines covering the entire plain and across some mountain ridges. It´s as if the Ancients had a Sketch-a-Doodle but the erase feature was broken. You really need to see this site from the air.

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Oct 7, 2008 - Off to Nazca!

Sleeping out in the desert under the stars was great! I woke in the night and the stars were fantastic to watch! It was warmer in the night than i thought it would be so did wake hot at once point as well which was annoying. Everyone started waking up at about 6.30am and we left the desert at about 7am to make our way back to town for breakfast which was great and very welcome! After that we hit the road again to make our way to Nazca to go see the Nazca Lines. They are a strange thing that is a bit like Stonehenge in that there is no...

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Bridget's Trip!

Sep 23, 2008 - Nazca

Day 73: We planned on stopping in Nazca for a night, then we saw it and decided to go straight to Huacachina. We passed a viewing tower that apparently offers a pretty average view of 3 of the famous Nazca lines and saw something that might have resembled one of them, but we decided to follow the advice of other travellers and skip the US$80ea. flight that gives the best perspective of these mysterious shapes. Apparently about 50% of passengers throw up on any particular flight and the pilots seem to take great pride in their ability to...

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Aug 25, 2008 - Nasca, Peru (does not involve race cars)

Hola Amigos! I´m going to take advantage of the free internet at the hostel while I can. I´m now in Nasca, which is south of Lima. I arrived here yesterday on the most luxurious bus I´ve ever been on (and I don´t mean that in a "luxurious Indian bus" kind of way). We had a private cabin with seats that recline all the way down with foot rests. We even had a tv in our cabin so we watch movies the whole way (spanish with english subtitles) and a little "bus stewardist" came and brought us sandwiches and beverages. First class! Nasca is famous...

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