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Jan 6, 2011 - Nazca Lines, bus to Lima

Flight over Nazca Lines! Bus to Lima at 3 - about 7 hours. Stayed at "Gran Hotel Bolivar". (walked about 1 mile) Vinny: We took a half-hour ride in a 5-seat airplane over the Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are several parallel lines and figures etched in the sand. They are so big they are not visible from earth. No one knows how they were created. Tony: We saw the Nazca Lines in a little 5 seater single engine propeller plane. Besides the fact that all of us got sick besides my dad, we all enjoyed seeing the lines.

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Jan 5, 2011 - Nazca

Got to Nazca at 4:15 in the morning -- got to watch the sun come up before getting into our hotel at 5:30. (Wild bus ride! Too, too many jerky turns, two stops to pick up rocks off the road, and one slow trudge through what must have been a mud) Slept until 10, then walked around to see town. Had a good lunch at the Peruvian joint. Homework and easy evening... (walked 4 and a half miles) Vinny: We got to Nazca in the morning. Nazca is home to the driest desert in the world. Tony: We got to Nazca, waited in the dark for our hotel to open,...

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Oct 24, 2010 - Nazca

This morning allowed for a sleep in with a departure at 9am....nice. We were heading to the pre-Inca desert cemetery of Chauchilla. This is where 1500 yr old mummies, bones and pottery are located. A stop at an artisan´s workshop allowed us to see modern masters create Nazca style pottery. Part of the group missed this as they chose to take the flight over the Nazca lines instead. As an optional activity and currently not recommended by GAP due to the recent(3 wks ago) crash that killed 4 tourists I decided not to participate. I know Mum...

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May 11, 2010 - Fly the Line

The Nazca Lines are one of those things that I’ve wanted to see firsthand ever since reading the insane ramblings of Eric Von Daniken many many years ago. They are, as most of you know, mysterious and enigmatic lines carved into the desert. We know they are thousands of years old and they were carved by the Nazca people but how or why is the bigger mystery. There are about a dozen such carvings, up to about 300 metres in length. The weird thing is that from the ground they are barely recognisable and it is only when you get to the air and...

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Operation Badger

Apr 17, 2010 - als een vogel in de lucht

vandaag staan de nazca lines op het programma, reusachtige motieven die schijnbaar achteloos in de woestijn van nazca zijn uitgegraven of getekend van 300 tot 900 n chr. ze strekken zich tot tientallen km uit en stellen hetzij geometrische figuren of dierenfiguren voor. ze lopen dwars over heuvels en ravijnen maar hun vorm blijft kaarsrecht.ze zijn in de grond uitgegraven of tot 30 cm diep in de rots gehouwen.in totaal zijn er nu 18 figuren ontdekt. volgens sommige archeologen is het een kalender of een voorstelling van de sterrenhemel,dr...

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Apr 11, 2010 - Nazca, la communication linéaire

Nazca est une ville poussiéreuse, située en plein milieu du désert. Ces paysages sont étonnants, ce n'est pas du tout l'image qu'on se fait du Pérou. Il fait chaud, sec, il y a du vent, et tout ce qui nous entoure n'est que dunes de sable et montagnes de roche. Dès notre arrivée, on se fait alpaguer par un chauffeur de taxi, Jefry, qui nous conseille un hôtel récemment ouvert, avec piscine et des prix défiant tout concurrence. La ville de Nazca en elle-même n'ayant qu'un intérêt très limité (il y a rien à y faire), on décide d'aller passer...

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Apr 9, 2010 - Nazca / Arequipa

Spend the following day checking out the cemetary and then did the flight over the Nazca lines. The flight over the Nazca lines is best described as the vomit comet. While the view from the air of the lines was amazing and we too many pictures, soon people began getting sick from the violent turbulance and changing what side of the plane was pointed 85deg down at the next line. Kim and I managed to keep our breakfast down but just..... After they thought it would be a great time to go for lunch... We had a set menu for lunch and then...

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Feb 14, 2010 - Nasca

Today I continued to Nazca, the famous city with its figures drawn into the desert. The city itself was much better than I imagined, I expected something very abandoned, but its a nice desert city placed around the central plaza, you can see that they benefited quiet a lot from the tourism. Best choice to see the figures etched into the desert is doing a short flight. Honestly the lines itself did not impress me that much, only few of them are clearly visible - eg the hummingbird that is really nice. But the flight itself was amazing, just...

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Jan 20, 2010 - Flying High in the Nazca Sky

Nazca is a small town in the Peruvian dessert famous for the lines which were carved into the ground centuries ago. The hotel we stayed at was outside of the town, but had a pool, so we were kept occupied, both at night when we were drunk, and during the day, when we needed to relax. I spent this morning flying over the lines, and seeing the amazing images from the air, in all there beauty and size. The flight was great fun, a small light aircraft which was continuously being thrown around in the wind has made me want to get my own wings....

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Nov 18, 2009 - Peru: Nazca Lines

Peru's Pre-Columbian Nazca culture built huge geometric line drawings in the desert over a thousand years ago. Hummingbirds, spiders, whales, condors, monkeys...even a spaceman? No firm consensus has emerged as to why they built them when the only way to see them was from a plane. We flew over them to check them out.

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Jul 29, 2009 - Peru: Nazca Lines

We arrived in Nazca at 6am after an all night bus and decided to make it a flying stop only to see the lines and then leave for Huacachina, two hours away. Groggily we took a taxi with one of the flight companies to the airport to wait for an hour before our flight, enough time to pump Chris with some coffee to wear off the effects of slightly too many sleeping pills (we had been told we´d arrive at 8am not 6am!!). We negotiated as decent a price as possible considering the lack of sleep, and then jumped in a plane around 8am for our half...

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Jun 23, 2009 - Nazca

A day spent in the desert, at the advice of a kind bus ticket teller, proved very worthwhile. Our first venture entirely decided by ourselves, was to Paracas, a small coastal town South of Lima that boasts the Ballestas Islands, famous for the amount of bird shit that accumulates on it and The National Reserve of Paracas, a desert with many very similar views of...well.... sand and beautiful ocean views. Apparently there are 215 different species of birds that come through the Ballestas on their migratory routes. This isn´t the high...

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