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Oct 22, 2004 - Nazca

Yesterday (the 22nd) we were in Nazca, a little town right in the middle of the desert where it rains two hours per year if they are lucky. It's hard to imagine that, but the landscape reflects the lack of rain and it is also the reason for the Nazca lines, they think. Around the time when the Nazca lines were created there was a 40 year drought and the scientists think that the lines were made as offerings to the gods in the mountains that brought rains and that people had long processions along the lines. Very interesting and so far the...

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Oct 2, 2004 - Nazca

Ellen: We came to Nazca to get a bus to Cuzco. Now here's the important part. The guy at the bus office actually drew us a map. 9 hours down to Arequipa, two hours there to get breakfast, then 9 hours nearly straight North to Cuzco. HE DREW A MAP!!! This will be important in the Puno entry, but first we have to deal with Arequipa... Kevin: Ellen is too polite to say so, but this place was NOT nice. Most people come to town to see the famous Nazca Lines, but we saw the pictures and couldn't be bothered to actually go up in an airplane to see...

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Sep 27, 2004 - Nazca

Took the bus from Lima to Nazca to see the lines in the desert. Wr will fly over the lines tommorrow in a light aeroplane. The journey here was through desert, miles and miles of sometimes sandy sometimes rocky desert with mountains completely devoid of plants as a backdrop. Yet it was surprisingly colourful with yellows, oranges, terra cotta, burgundy and dark brown and green coloured rocks sand and mountains. Every now and then there wopuld be a splash of colour notably a reed hut measuring 3m X 3m with a blaze of flowers in a meagre...

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Sep 23, 2004 - Nasca

Am Morgen in Nasca wurden wir sehr frueh geweckt und unternahmen den Flug ueber die Nasca Lines (Landestreifen von UFO's sagt von Daeniken) wir lernten waehrend dem Flug 2 deutsche kennen. Inga und Andreas waren zwei sehr angenehme Zeitgenossen um den folgenden gemuetlichen Nachmittag zu verbringen. Wir plauderten ueber gott und die Welt, bevor wir in die Beste Chicken Bude von ganz Peru gegangen sind um einen riesen Teller an Chicken und Fries zu essen. Ja, fuer alle die Denken die leben aber ungesund sei gesagt, dass wir in einem...

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Trip Journal

PERU - mit Rucksack

Aug 21, 2004 - Peru - Pisco and Nazca

We are on the move on a daily basis, so we are going to send just pictures some times. The most exciting experience about this trip was the Nazca lines and the sandboarding we did on the way to Nazca. The best part was riding the doonbuggies very fast up and down the mounds of sand. An "E" ticket ride!!! It was a blast. We thought of you Pete and Pat when we did it. This time we just sat on the boards and rode them down the hill like we use to do when we were kids on cardboard boxes.

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Aug 9, 2004 - Nazca

Lies, Damn Lies! A simple rule for travelling south america (and most places) is that all touts and travel agents are NEVER to be trusted. They have chosen a life of dishonesty and will lie to tourists at any opportunity in order to get your cash. When the guy at the Nazca bus stop told me that he had the first flight over the Nazca lines scheduled for tomorrow, I knew it was bullshit but after checking around the other operators in town I couldn't find a flight before 2pm so I decided to give this guy a shot. The weather was fine next...

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Jul 22, 2004 - The lines of Nasca

The 16 hour night bus to Nasca was a bit messy. A very windy road, a small child in the seat behind us throwing up, which got to Sarah who was then ill aswell. We were supposed to arrive in Nasca at 7 a.m. but the bus was 2 hours early. This may have given us a problem but we had been given the name of a man at an agency to use to book our Nasca flight - Enrique at Andean Tempo. We knocked on his door at approximately 5:30 a.m. (his door told us he provided 24 hour service) and he invited us in, cleared a space in his storeroom, gave us a...

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Jun 11, 2004 - Day 4 Nazca Lines

This morning we get up early after camping overnite next to the airport to fly over the Nazca Lines. Unfortunatly there is much mist and we are unable to fly until 10am. the flight is in a small Cessna and the pilot banks steeply at low altitude to ensure the best possible view of the shapes. These are amazing and fortunatley my photos have come out very well. from here we travel to Puerto Inca a small hotel amongst some ruins. This will be our last camping night apart from the Inca Trail.

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Jun 11, 2004 - Day 3 Ballestas Island, Nazca

Today we pack up camp and head to the port to catch a small boat out to the Ballestas Islands. The Islands are renownd for their birdlife and guano. The guano is harvested and sold to the States & Europe, it is known as white gold. Here we saw penguins, sea lions Pelicans and boobies. From here we drive to Nazca, site of the ancient and mysterious lines in the desert.

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