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Nov 12, 2011 - Ballesta Islands

What An Amazing Day We did so much. The day started with visiting the Ballestas Islands which is a sancturary for birds and other wildlife. These islands have been dubbed the "Peruvian Galapagos". We took off in speed boats. You had to wear hats because there were so many birds and you could get hit by guano (bird poop). Paul did! These islands have a series of arches and caves that provide shelter for more than 160 species of marine birds. We saw: Humbolt Penguins, Peruvian Boobies, Peruvian Pelicans, Inca Tern and Cormorants. There were...

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May 15, 2010 - The Poor man's Galapogas

After sand boarding (of which I should point out, after Georgie’s last defamation of my snowboarding credentials, I lasted way more than 3 metres – it was at least 10! And, as every mountain bunny knows, it is better to try and fall, embarrassingly and hard with maximum crowd of non-daring onlookers, than to spend your life as a commentator on a chairlift wondering what the snow tastes like. Sand, incidentally, tastes dry and abrasive, like having your best efforts erased with a brillo pad...) we took a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands, a...

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Operation Badger

Aug 8, 2008 - Pisco - Nazca

Had to get up early today (6am) for a trip to Ballestas islands. 20 of us on a speedboat and the trip took about 2 hours. We saw sealions, penguins, thousands of other birds and dolphins. I got crapped on ! Had late breakfast at the harbour (banana pancakes) then headed off for a 1 hour journey to massive sandunes (an oasis). Here we had an amazing sand-buggy journy up and down huge sandunes (7 of us in a buggy) then stopped off for 3 sand-boarding sessions down huge dunes! Then we had late lunch and headed off for a 2 hour bus journey to...

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Jun 9, 2008 - Bird poo and boat trips

We left Lima at 7am this morning for our journey to the Ballestas Islands. When we got there the weather was beautiful and we all put our huge life jackets on and jumped in the boat. We hadn´t even been in the boat for 5 minutes when we saw a dolphin cruising around. Then another, and another! In the end we saw about 6-8 dolphins and a few of them came up so close to the boat - it was awesome. That particular bay is home to 70 dolphins. On the way to the Islands we passed the ´Candleabra´ in a huge rockface. It´s a massive geoglyph that...

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