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Sep 16, 2015 - Shopping .... oh yeah, and some more Inca ruins

Wednesday, 16th. So, well, the Franken-bed was 2 blankets, triple-folded and the "comforter", triple-folded, all stacked on top of each other. I really think it was better--it had to be-- but about 2am something Jef ate the last day or so caught up with him and he was back and forth to the bathroom all night vomitting. So not a restful night for either of us! He was still feeling crappy at 7am, when we had to go to breakfast so he stayed in bed and I went alone. He just didn't feel up to leaving the bedroom so I met the driver, Renaldo, at...

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Jun 16, 2013 - Life in Pisac

Day three started with strong head aches from the lack of oxygen and struggles to wake up. The hotel's breakfast consisted of eggs and a bagel, hing special. On Sundays Pisac has a rather large market, people sell things from fruits to hundreds of beautiful clothes. We started up a market strip and found a man selling belts, which i had forgot to pack, we bargained on a reasonable price and my pants sagged no more. The ten minute walk left us breathless and walking back to the hotel. I slept for four hours while my mother sat in front of...

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Jun 15, 2013 - Lima to Cusco to Pisac

we woke up in the same hotel that we fell asleep with nothing stolen. We gladly ate the complimentary breakfast while watching a cheesy version of King Kong. After the good-enough breakfast packed up the room and checked out. My moms burning desire to try ceviche forced us to risk missing our flight. We took a very efficient cab to the restaurant known as El Pez Amigo. The lime cooked sea food was very delicious and so was the hard candy that came with the bill. The cab back to the hotel wasn't nearly as efficient and the two minute drive...

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May 20, 2013 - the rest of the sacred valley

today we got good old wilbert to come get us again to do the reminder of the sacred valley circuit back to cuzco. we visited ruins at pisac (where i got a rather splendid inca/conquistador chess set for someone who really doesnt deserve it, but love is love) which were pretty impressive with some ace views. we realised that the various random words and letters on the mountainsides actually denote which bit of mountain belongs to who. then we went to some more ruins at tambomachay, pukapukara and qenqo (all a bit unimpressive...but then its...

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May 5, 2012 - Pisac - Market and Archeological Site

A nice surprise to find a guide and driver waiting for us in Cusco, ready to drive us to Pisac. Apparently it was included with our flight and hotel bookings but we didn't know about it! Also nice that jet lag won't be a problem for us as there is only an hour difference from home. The altitude is another story. Lima is at sea level and Cusco is at 11,200'. Pisac, at 9800', seemed like a good place to get used to the altitude and begin our exploration of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The drive from Cusco only took about an hour and we...

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Jun 9, 2011 - The Inca Trail

So the Inca Trail has been conquered :-) The first day was the 'easy' day, with a mere 5 hour up and downhill hike, along the Urubamba river. The second day, was the killer day, with an early start, and a gruelling 5 hour steep walk up to 4215m to Dead Woman's Pass! It was such an achievement, and so hard at such high altitude...breathing is not easy...and its very hard to keep your burning calves moving! We all made it in great time, and then it was a case of tackling the thousands of Inca steps back down over 700m! Day 3 meant tackling...

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Jun 5, 2011 - Pisac and Ollantytambo

Today we travelled to Ollantytambo, the village where we spend the last night before the Inca Trail. We stopped at Pisac and visited the Inca ruins there, and got in some more last minute practise with a couple of hours hike, followed by climbing the 182 steps up the terraces.

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Dec 26, 2010 - Pisac

Tony: We took a bus from Cusco to Pisac. Then we took a taxi up the valley to a ticket booth. We got our tickets and started hiking around some awesome Inca ruins. We made our way along a ridge with sharp cliffs on each side of us. Near the end of the mountain we reached an Incan military base with a great view of Pisac. We then descended steep tariffs that lead straight back down to the village of Pisac. (Hiked 7.48 HARD miles)

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Sep 20, 2009 - Day trip around Sacred Valley

As part of our ‘program’ to acclimatized, we decided that we should stay in the Cuzco region before attempting the climb up Machu Picchu. Today, we have joined a day tour to the Sacred Valley. Sacred Valley was cluttered with Inca settlements and with plenty of ruins to explore. The tour was at a bargain price of 25 sols (about 5 pounds) each but we have to pay the admission to the Inca sites separately, covered by a two-day ticket. Unfortunately, the electricity in Cusco had been switched off between 5 am and 9 am in the morning meaning...

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Jun 9, 2009 - Arrive in Chicago

Well our trip ended on a sour note. Marisa put her purse on the floor of the Internet cafe in the Lima airport and it got stolen. She lost all her cool peruvian purchases such as her hat, gloves, inca necklace and of course the peruvian purse. Oh yah, her cell phone was in there too. One can't mark the entire journey based on this incident. The trip was really cool. It's just that being so close to getting home, she let her guard down. We're home now in Loda, Illinois. My head is still giving me trouble, but I've started the anti-biotic I...

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Jun 8, 2009 - Cuzco to Lima

We are met at the Lima aeroport by Natalia our hired tour guide for the day. She is accompanied by her driver and we begin in the Plaza de Armas to view the spanish influenced architecture of the churches and municipal buildings. We also visit the catecombs of the San Fransisco Church. Later we lunch on ceviche...another national dish made of seafood (shrimp, fish and octopus) marinated in lime juice, onions and chilis. The Fish is technically raw, but the citrus ¨(cooks) the fish. It is a top notch reputable restaurant so we do not fear to...

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Jun 7, 2009 - Free Day - Pisac

Today is our last day in the Cusco area and I am glad to say we are leaving tomorrow. Not that this town and the area isn´t beautiful or the people wonderful, but I´m tired of feeling like I´m on a boat and now that we´re back at dry elevation, all those troubles have come back. But, there is shopping to be done...no time to whine! We are off to Pisac for sunday market. Pisac is known for it´s especially large market which includes textiles, paintings, foods, etc. If there is a bargin to be had, it is in Pisac. I am armed with hundreds of...

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