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Jan 12, 2014 - Callao, Peru

1/12 – 1/15 Another two sea days (897 miles) before we reached Callao, Peru. On one of the sea days Joan gave a lecture on watercolor techniques. We also had a little excitement when someone spotted a small boat stranded at sea with six sailors waving at our ship. The captain sent one of our lifeboats to determine the problem. Seems that the boat had a broken propeller and had been drifting at sea for three days. The crew wanted to stay with their ship so we provided them with provisions and radioed shore to send a boat to tow them...

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Dec 17, 2012 - Callao - sea gateway to Lima, Peru (anniversary and Jamie's birthday)

We were given a notice that Callao and Lima had experienced a rise in petty crime against tourists and foreigners, to take precautions, etc. Later we heard of a tour bus taken hostage by some local bandits a few weeks earlier. Though from what we saw and experienced Lima and Callao are no more dangerous than any other country we've visited. Busy day today as the tour was some 5 hours, the last hour getting through the Lima and Callao peak hour traffic. The guide was very difficult to understand as he had a very strong accent and his grasp...

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