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May 21, 2006 - Huaraz to Truillo

As expected overnight in Huaraz was a night of no sleep....our room being situated on the main road through town! What with the thundering lorries throughout the night together with the town strays barking all night and the cockerals starting at 4am...... So our later start to the day of 8am was of no benefit as we were up and raring to go...albeit somewhat grumpy ... at 5.30am !!! Today we were off to Truillo a mere 370km driving. BUT more importantly down to sea level. So we can stop puffing like old boilers , stop applying the lip seal...

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Apr 10, 2005 - "Lets not shit ourselves" OR "what AM I, Paris Hilton Now?!"

Well, we ended up spending over a month in Peru, and in the end, I didnt even want to leave. In fact, I considered dropping my entire future and moving there for the rest of my life....but Ill get to that. Let me back up. After Macchu Picchu we headed back to Cusco for one more night of fun. I was really sad on the train back from Aguas Calientes because I felt so emotionally drained from being somewhere so amazing for a whole day. Going out in Cusco made up for the being sad though, cause hanging out with the Irish kids was way fun, and I...

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Nov 4, 2004 - Cajamarca, Peru

Cajamarca's claim to fame is that it was where Pizarro captured Atahualpa, the last ruler of the Inca empire. It was the classic story where the empire was split between two self centered brothers and each wanted to be the only ruler. After a civil war which ended just a year before the Spanish showed up, Atahualpa came out the winner. At first the white, bearded Spaniards showed up at first they were thought to be the descendents of the sun god and they also got some help from the defeated side of the civil war. When Atahualpa went to meet...

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