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Mar 24, 2018 - March 18 - 26

We are slowly winding down our visit as we have just a week left. This week Nala the dog from downstairs figured out where we were and has decided to come up when she wants a cookie and just wait until we give in. She is a cute dog and very well mannered. We got together with our friends Derek and Judy for dinner as this was the last Monday before we all go home. As always the Monday deal at the restaurant did not disappoint. I had the stuffed chicken breast with potatoes. They always serve one dish as fish. On Monday it was stripped orange...

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Mar 17, 2018 - BBQFest

I know it would surprise many of you but I did find a BBQ festival close to where we live. Even better I got a coupon that had two tickets to enter the festival and it came with 4 beer, for the low price of 11 dollars. A heck of a deal, so we went. The first issue is they give you the four beer all at once.As I don't drink beer this became Barry's issue. The second problem was they only sold beer and pop. This became my issue. The third problem I encountered was that it was different the same and different than any other competitions I...

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Mar 16, 2018 - March 10 to 16.

Barry and I fell into a routine of swimming every day cocktails at 5 and dinner around 7. We have gone down to the marina bar to change up for cocktails. It is nice occasionally however I wouldn't want to do it every night. They charge 3.00 for a local brand beer which by North American standards is terrific. Here that is overpriced. At the grocery store a can of beer is .65 cents. If you buy bottles by the 24 they are only 59 each. We went to the marina bar on March 11 as it was a beautiful day and ripe for a spectacular sunset. I have...

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Mar 9, 2018 - settling in the new apartment

So we have been here just over a week. We have gone into town several times for odds and ends. Trying to make it feel like home. From our back balcony you get a great view of sunsets and from the side you get some great sunrises. I have gotten up a couple of times just to sit and watch. Our time here is slowly coming to a close as we will be leaving here on the 28th to spend the night in Panama city and then on the 29th we spend the night in Toronto and finally return home on March 39. We are looking forward to getting home to get the...

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Mar 9, 2018 - Pictures from around the complex

We have a small private beach here and a lovely restaruant. The restaurant has a special deal on Mondays which we will continue to enjoy for the remaining mondays. The deal is one appy, main course, desert, glass of wine and a cup of coffee for 22 per person. As it is cooked by a Michelin chef it is a good deal. THis week they had Tuna steak and Ribs for the main course. Barry of course took the tuna and he said it was the best Tuna he had ever had. Well thats all for now I will post soon.

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Mar 3, 2018 - Life without internet or TV

On Thursday we invited Derek, Judy Lloyd and Ann over for a swim at the beach club. we had a lovely afternoon at the beach club although refreshments are a little pricey. I will send more pictures of the beach club pool later this week. For the most part the last couple of days we have been organizing the apartment and getting supplies as needed. We called CableOnda on Friday to have internet installed. No reason for TV as most of the channels are Spanish and we only have a month left. We can suspend the cable any time for 6 months. We...

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Feb 28, 2018 - First night in the new apartment spectacular sunset

yesterday we took the car up to Boquete to a mechanic to ensure that the car was both safe and capable of driving across the country. The mechanic gave us the good news and did an oil change for 35.00. Everything that Artulo said was wrong with the car was wrong with it and there were no surprises. The car was loaded up to the point that the front tires were almost off the ground and off we went. We arrived around 2 pm the site manager (Santiago) met us at the gate and had a cold beer for Barry. We were told the front gate had copies of...

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Jan 20, 2011 - San Carlos - Panama

January 19, 2010 One year and 10 days. Let go of what you think you know. I have been in Panama for one month and nine days. And it’s all good. Cara’s birthday tomorrow. I left Panama City a few days back with a couple of Swiss, Frank and Suzi. Good people but I am done. We are about 1 ½ hours west of Panama City in a small beach town called San Carlos. It has come to my attention that I have a, “fuck you if you don’t like it – I’ll move on and you…..you’ll still be living in your little shit hole world that you think is oh so great”...

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