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Dec 11, 2007 - Vertrek vs Aankomst

Hola, Nou m'n eerste (vlucht)dag zit erop... Een goed begin is het halve werk, toch?! On 3 uur ging de wekker, helaas. Wat de reden ook is het is nooit een goede reden om zo vroeg op te staan! Om 4 uur met de hele familie in de auto richting Schiphol. Deur open, Marlou en Esther eruit en de groeten. Want er moet ook nog gewerkt worden door sommige mensen... Even heerlijk onbewust voor gekropen bij de check-in, dus dat ging mooi snel. Raamplaats graag, geen probleem. Toen nog even een treinkaartje halen voor Esther. Fijne rel-nicht met een...

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Nov 26, 2007 - There is nothing more effecient than a sailor with an empty bucket and a sinking boat...

No we didn't sink, this was just one thing we learned while out to sea on the Dalai. We also learned how to raise a main sail, how to batton down hatches, how to hand build a luxury sailboat in 4 years, that no one out to sea is allowed to whistle except the youngest aboard and even then only when there is no wind, and a lot about our captain Bruno, his wife Carmen, and their son, Aladin. We had lots of fun, good food, and luxurious accomodations. We set sail Thursday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. and sailed for 200 miles to San Blas. We...

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Nov 26, 2007 - Panama Canal Railway

To mix things up a bit, instead of the same old freezing cold, old, slow, nearly broken down bus, we took the Panama Canal Railway to get from Colon to Panama City. The one hour ride was relaxing, comfortable, and high class (nice carpet, couches, tables, beverages, etc). A couple of years back, Doc and I took an Amtrak train to Springfield, IL to lobby for money for Mobile C.A.R.E. The whole train ride there (and back), he kept telling me about how luxurious the train was when he was a kid. He said as children, they got dressed up in their...

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Oct 21, 2007 - Panama City - Panama

So, After a few days in beautiful paridise of San Blas, we headed to Panama's capital of (funnily enough) Panama city. Great city, amazing that the city seems so big considering the population of Panama is only 3 million in total. Didn't spend a great deal of time there, jut enought to see the old city and of coarse the panama canal.

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Aug 4, 2007 - PAN: Panama City

Nach meinem Flug nach Panama City und langem Warten in der Ankunftshalle des Flughafens bis Mitternacht treffe ich Martin Trüb alias Tinu, welcher mit zweistündiger Verspätung doch noch von der Schweiz herkommend eintrifft. Ich freue mich, mit ihm Panama und Costa Rica zu entdecken. Mit ihm läuft immer etwas und auf lustige Geschichten müssen wir in Panama City nicht lange warten. Auf dem Weg ins Gebiet Casco Viejo laufend, werden wir von einem Polizeiauto aufgegriffen. Da es hier zu Fuss zu gefährlich für Touristen sei, kommen wir in den...

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Aug 3, 2007 - Panama City

Friday 3rd August 2008 Surprised myself by getting up early for a swim in the rooftop pool...must still be in the boat habit. Also still have sea legs which is quite strange...cleaning my teeth especially kicks off the at sea swaying habit again. We all decided that, you know being in Panama City you can't really leave without seeing the Panama Canal - well um, I personally think it was the biggest let down of a tourist attraction I have encountered this past year. We taxied to Miraflores locks which is a closed site. We paid about $10 to...

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Jul 9, 2007 - Isla Grande: Slow boat to Colombia - Living the tropical life in the San Blas Islands

So having found a different boat, one that had an engine that worked and was alot bigger I joined the crew of the See Adler (German for Sea Eagle) back at Isla Grande for the start of a 6 day adventure crossing to Cartagena, Colombia. The boats' compliment consisted of the German owners, Guido, his wife Silvia and not forgetting the ships dog Charlie. I'm joined by Tamara again who managed to catch me up as I had to wait a week in Panama City for the boat and we make up the 9 strong tourist contingent a mix of Brits, Americans and one Dutch...

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Trip Journal

EZ Duz it!

Jun 10, 2007 - Back to Panama City

This is mainly photos from the trip around Panama whist waiting for engine head rebuild which is now complete so will be off to Galapogos in a few days. Not a lot more to report but just found wifi again so not as difficult to post photosI It will take up to 10 days to get to Galapogos then we head for French Poynesia. Not sure when we will be back in Oz. also how is it all going back in oz and all you guys send me some news from home!!!! Cheers JC without Penny

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Jun 9, 2007 - Shore leave was sure fun!! Galapagos gazzumped by mechanical mayhem!

On Monday 3 June we finally learnt that the motor's head needs repairs, possibly the shoulders as well. It had been a long week in Panama waiting for the mechanic to arrive... "Well crewmen know we know what's wrong with the motor" said Cap'n Max. "There is no point hanging around any longer waiting for the repairs. Shore leave is granted until further notice." "Great !"said Crewman John. "I'll arrange everything". Crewman John had heard from other yachties that the Bocas del Toro Islands off the far western Caribbean coast of Panama were...

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Jun 2, 2007 - Shock!! Panama Canal hi-Jacked by Aussie Birthday!

"Far Canal!" said Cap'n Max. "What's wrong boss...err skipper said Crewman Phil. "No, no, we have to head to the far canal, The closest entry is a second canal that the Americans started, then abandoned when World War 2 broke out" said Cap'ñ Max. We had Isabella well prepared for the Canal transit. We had our 150ft ropes, we had our extra line handlers (and French to boot)-we were ready to go. It was Sunday 27 May. But a lot of water had passed under the bridge since our dawn arrival in Cristobal Harbour at Colon some ten days...

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May 30, 2007 - Isabella - Colon, Panama

Colon:- East coast of Panama and entrance to Panama Canal Arrived 4.30 am 16 May after motoring all the way from San Blas Islands. This where we obtained fuel from the locals which was delivered in dug out canoes. There was very little wind and the current still against us so now we have plenty of fuel, we must motor. Process to Transit Canal - this long winded process requires obtaining an agent to run around town to four different locations stamping this stamping that, paying a little money here and there. The usual finger printing goes...

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May 19, 2007 - We earn our Panama Hats after a salty saga

When to leave Aruba became a cat-and mouse game with the weather. 'When will we know when to leave boss..er..skipper" said crewman Phil. "I check with the buoy weather" said Cap'n Max. "The boy whether what?" said Crewman Phil. "Whether we go or not of course" said crewman John. "No, no " said Cap'n Max, "there are buoys stationed out in the ocean that tell us the wind speed and wave heights." "Good luck to them." said crewman Phil. "Definitely not a job for women" said crewman John. After a week of strong winds there was at last a change...

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