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Jun 1, 2014 - Narvik

Ho Hum!! Yet another day of magnificent scenery including the usual snow capped mountains, green pine forests, gushing rivers, the odd waterfall & of course lots of tunnels plus a ferry ride. We started off early again today & stopped at the Arctic Circle visitors centre after a short drive. The centre itself is built across the exact latitude marking the start of the Arctic Circle which marks the point where, at the summer solstice there is twenty four hours daylight. As you go further North the number of full days of daylight increases...

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Sep 19, 2006 - Narvik - Dank and dreary with sex machines

Narvik depressed me, but only after I had paid for my bed which of course means I would have to put up with it for a night. I had a lonely dorm in a virtually closed hostel all to myself so without companions or any possibiloity of distraction I decided to seek the fleshpots of Narvik. Yipee! I passed the dark and deserted hostel pub, no friendly backpackers or roaring fires to be seen. I schlepped disconsolately along Narvik's dank streets taking in the huge iron ore transshipment port dwarfing the town, the wet pavements and darkened shop...

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Jun 15, 2005 - Narvick, Norway

Narvick, oh Narvick. We joked about coming here while we were still in South America. It's a very basic town in the North of Norway, but it's claim to fame is that it's the highest point that our Eurail pass takes us. The 21 hour train ride here was unbelievably scenic- we encountered our first set of fjords and frozen lakes. After our arrival at 6 pm (our plan was to stay up all night and leave the next morning on the 11 am train and we succeeded) we met Angelica the Polar Bear who showed us around Narvick until 4 in the morning. We even...

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Aug 13, 2002 - Norway/Sweden, Narvik

Day 13 Tuesday 13 August "Battle of Narvik" Sweden - Overnight train between Narvik and Stockholm Im covering loads of ground this evening from top to bottom of Sweden. 5.30/6.10 aaahh. My alarm went off at 5.30 which was fine. I was in Comfort Hotel right near the morning buses. Then I had a phone call from reception - I looked at my watch it said 6.10 ! my bus to Narvik left in 10 minutes. I threw everything in bags got lift downstairs. They'd done me a nice breakfast with bread & all, cheese and meat. Bus to Narvik. I didnt have time...

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