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Aug 14, 2013 - Day 6, Wednesday

Day 6 - Wednesday Aug 14 We are spending two nights in Ålesund, part of our group leaves early for a cruise on the Geiranger Fjord. Those of us not cruising go with Phil and tour a fish plant. We had to dress from head to toe in head netting, white coats and slippers over our shoes. First we see 7-8 lb. trout that had just been brought in from a fish farm located in one of the local fjords. They are being processed for sushi, our guide told us that the Japanese prefer trout, these were a cross of rainbow and steelhead. This plant ships all...

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May 30, 2013 - Day 2 Geiranger Fiord

Why is it the female is the one punished. Story is a young unmarried mother was locked in this isolated lighthouse in the Fiord, as a lesson to others. Geirnager fiord. 120 miles into the fiord to our stop, the village Geiranger. Loads of waterfalls. This is not the longest nor the deepest of Norway’s firods. The scenery on the way was spekky. I wonder if the locals get immune to the amazing views around them? In addition to the views being amazing, the little houses perched in seemingly inaccessible places were also inexplicable. How...

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May 30, 2013 - day 2 Alesund

the top floor of this old lighthouse(one room+ ensuite) is available for the first night of a locals honeymoon And then a drive back to the beginning of the fiord to Alesund. This part of town was razed by fire. Many of the locals wanted 'modern houses' The architects prevailed and the Art Nouveau style stayed. SO the centre of town is interesting. Unfortunately I missed the close ups of the decorations on the houses. Thought we were calling in there on the way back, and I could get photos then! Missed opportunity We have seen...

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Jul 25, 2011 - Alesund, Norway

Again it was cloudy and gray as we sailed in. We got off the ship before 9 and not much was open. We met Dave and Barb right before we got off. Alesund, population around 35,000, is pretty because it was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 1904. The rebuilding effort married the Art Nouveau style with Nordic traditional styles and was led by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany who vacationed in Alesund. We thought we would take a city bus to the Atlantic Sea Park, one of the largest aquariums in Northern Europe, but realized we left money, credit...

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Jul 22, 2011 - Norway

I’ve always heard… “A picture is worth a thousand words”! I’m guessing whoever said this must have been in Norway at the time!! This place is incredible… I’d say Alaska on steroids!! Our first stop was Alesund , voted the prettiest city in Norway… it was beautiful from the sail-in to the view of the entire city from Mt. Aksla. The weather was equally excellent as our weather streak continued (50 to 60 degree temperatures) with light showers thrown in for good measure. We headed north to Hellsylt (Norway) for a short stop to let off a tour...

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Jun 20, 2010 - Alesund: The Atlantic Highway

We decided to do this route after talking to some Norwegians on a ferry. The Atlantic Highway has to be one of the most unusual roads I have ever driven. It's a succession of little rocky islands linked by a succession of causeways and bridges. It's used by various car manufacturers to film their wares and today was no exception. AMG were there with a Mercedes touring car, film crews, helicopters etc. Very tasty!

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Jun 30, 2009 - Departure City - Tromso

We were eating breakfast when we docked this morning at Tromso, the largest town and capital of North Norway. We have seen many innovations in our journey which could be adopted in Edmonton, from Heated Sidewalks in Helsinki to count down indicators for traffic on almost all the traffic lights in St. Petersburg, but Tromso way of dealing with winter is definitely unique. Many of its commuter routes are underground tunnels. I know we have this in Edmonton for pedestrian traffic, but here it is for cars too! The city is renowned for being the...

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Jun 29, 2009 - Into the Arctic

We ordered breakfast in our room this morning and it came as requested. It turned out to be another lovely sunny day, though cooler than yesterday. Our fears of mist and rain have so far proved unfounded. The sea is very calm and you can imagine you see the curvature of the earth as you look at the horizon. We went to a lecture on the Arctic which was very interesting. When we came out we discovered we were amongst islands and mountains. We watched for a while, then went to the Hemisphere, a lounge with an all round view where you can sit...

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Jun 28, 2009 - Landfall Norway - Alesund

We were up at a reasonable time and watched the ship dock at Aselund, Norway. All of our stops will be in Norway on this trip until we return to Amsterdam on July 8. The weather was picture perfect and warm. This may be the exception, but it is contrary to what we had prepared ourselves for. Christine bemoans the fact that she did not pack shorts as she expected cool, perhaps misty weather and we have now had a week of really warm weather. The sea was mirror calm and the photos do not do justice to the colour which was a beautiful shade of...

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Jul 8, 2008 - Alesund Norway

July 8th We landed in Alesund and started in on Shayna’s scavenger hunt. There were a series of questions about the city that we had to ask locals (one question per person). One of the first questions was who is Bjorn Tommerdal? I asked one of the guards at the gate of the ship yard. She told me to come with her, and walked me over to this gentleman who was standing a few feet away and infomred me that he was Bjorn Tommerdal, the mayor of Alesund. Well, the excitement was great, as many of us got his autograph (I think this was a major...

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Nov 17, 2006 - Alesund, Norway- 15/11-17/11

Population: 38,000 Maximum Temperature Range while we were there: 0 to 4 Weather: Raining on and off Alesund Youth Hostel- the first on this trip. Not that bad but not that great either. It was a bit dirty. The shower was feral but nothing that a good pair of trusty thongs couldn't fix. It did its job , , . Alesund is another small but beautiful town. In January 1904 a fire burned the whole town to the ground. It took three years to rebuild into what it still is today. The architects who took part in the reconstruction were inspired by both...

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Oct 25, 2005 - Alesund, Norway

October 25- Yesterday, we decided on our plan of how to attack Norway and best see its scenary. We trained from Trondheim to Dombas (we pronounced it Dumbass). From Dombas, we took the Rauma railway to Andalsnes. What an unforgettable train ride! Starting high in the mountains, we trained past mountains, waterfalls, and the prettiest scenery up to date. The waterfalls with large volumes of water were flowing, while others were frozen in time. We've never seen so many waterfalls in such a short time. They seemed to fall from the sky. We...

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