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Jun 5, 2013 - Day 8 Hammerfest

Hammerfest is the northernmost designated Town in Norway. 70 degrees 39”48’ North It is the centre for the Norwegian North Sea oil and gas. Lots of new buildings. On land we had a quick look at the Polar Museum. There were some interesting looking films, which I didn’t have time to have a good look at. It has two main areas of focus. One is the polar exploration, unfortunately I did spend a bit of time on the internet so only saw a part of this section. lots of blizzard sound effects so that you get the feel for what it must...

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Jun 26, 2006 - passed the arctic circle, yikes!!

This will be a very fast and furious and misspelled entry, because it is a rainy horrible day in Hammerfest and we had to take a taxi into town, and the only internet in the whole area are these two crappy terminals at the public library and I only have 15 minutes for my slot. So I can't split this into two entries like I wanna, so I can properly cover Mo I Rana and Hammerfest/Nordkapp separately, dang it. And this computer is old and I can't get to recognize my camera, so no photos. Double dang it!! So to get to Mo I Rana, we had to pass...

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Jun 15, 2005 - The Norwegian Narrative Part 1.

The Norwegian Narrative Part 1 Monday 13th June - Across the Arctic Circle - and North in brilliant sunshine and us wearing shorts and tee shirts!! And after seeing umpteen warning road signs about the dangers of wandering Reindeer - we eventually meet some on the road - then a few miles later more - then one big beast with fantastic horns, just wandering down the middle of the road - and this is not a little back road - it is the main road North - so everyone just slows right down and waits for the beast to decide which way to go off the...

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