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May 19, 2017 - An unexpected layover in Lagos!

The flight was pretty uneventful but we got into Amsterdam over two hours late – then we got tied up in getting off the plane. Then we couldn’t find the gate on the monitor, and when we did I took off and Kitty and Jan walked to follow up. I got to the gate just as they had detached the walkway so we missed the flight. Off to reschedule and the clerk was very nice and got us a flight to Lagos then Johannesburg. Sounded good so I called the tour agency and told them of our changed plans. We got on a KLM to Lagos and all seemed well – only a...

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Sep 17, 2012 - Lagos,Nigeria

To day we got to the second port in Lagos,Nigeria. They had an abundance of bee honey, gemstones and cocoa. I met Muruthi's cousin there! we talked for a while and he showed me around the town. I am having the best time on this trip I'm so happy that I got to go! I cant wait to try different foods, meet interesting people, see new animals, and what other surprises await me!

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Oct 5, 2005 - Lagos: Go-Slow in the Urban Jungle

Since my last blog entry I've hopped, skipped and jumped from the Igbo-dominated east of Nigeria to the heart of Yorubaland in the southwest. And each step brought me closer to Lagos, the giant, crazy heart of the country. I'll be honest. When planning this trip, Lagos was the elephant in the room. I was happy to focus on Calabar or the old Islamic cities of the north, but Lagos felt like another game altogether. It's the biggest city in Africa (the best current guess is a population of around 16 million), and carries an unenviable...

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Mar 16, 2005 - Lagos - Part One

PART ONE; 15 Million and counting.... Lagos....wow...that's all I can say. A city of 15 million people, with probably 4 times that many cars as people, and it still runs. One word that would describe Lagos is just simply: Nutty! Crazy! Chaotic! I really wanted to come to Lagos...and now my mission is complete. I could not leave Nigeria before I went to Lagos. We left very early morning on Wednesday to arrive to Abuja to catch a plane to fly down. Here is an interesting note...in Canada if we want to book a flight and fly, we have to go...

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