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Aug 9, 2011 - A very slow boat to an amazing island.

Moyogalpa 09/08/11 A very slow boat to an amazing island. Another early start and we were on a bus south for Rivas. We ended up in a crowded and busy market place. Immediately we left the bus we were swamped by taxi drivers, at least 8 of them. The prices started coming in 3USD each, was the first driver, then it dropped to 2 USD each, after a few minutes of us saying absolutely nothing the taxi drivers had got themselves down to 5USD for the group to take us to the ferry terminal. Just as we were about to take this guy up on the offer,...

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3rd Gap Year

Nov 21, 2010 - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

November 21, 2010 The plane from Mexico City was an airbus A319. Only 23 people got on. What a waste of fuel/environment. This plane holds 124 souls. Someone lost a lot of money/we lost – a species of frog. In 2001 we, Susan and I, experienced a similar situation flying from Phnom Phen to Ho Chi Mhin City. We were on a 737 (cap 189) and there was less that 30 on board. I wonder if Royal Air Cambodge is still in business? My stay in San Juan was short. Thank Vishnu! Or another [God]. I arrived in San Juan late on the 18th – 1:00am so I...

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Oct 20, 2010 - San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

October 18, 2010 I arrived in San Juan around 12noon or so. It was hot. Very hot. It wasn’t Mexico hot but the humidity added to the unpleasant feeling. I am staying at one of the newest places in town. A/C and TV again. It’s good a really cool bar and restaurant attached to it. USD$25/night. It’s still a little rich but it is new and very nice. Just as nice as my place in Granada. I went over to see Pablo about paying our taxes this year and he wasn’t there. Apparently he has gone to the states for a vacation. Another kid named Zak was...

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Jul 21, 2010 - A pleasant, unplanned stop

Our plans to head to Leon, Nicaragua quickly changed after realizing an hour into our travels out of Costa Rica that Alec still suffers from motion sickness in buses. A grueling 6 hours to the border, followed by 2 hours crossing the border in scorching heat sealed our change of plans to the closest beach town over the border. San Juan del Sur is a small fun little beach town with friendly locals and expats and really cheap and tasty fish! We found a little hostel-apartment with a wonderful Nica Mom who couldn´t do enough to make our stay...

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Jul 17, 2010 - San Juan del Sur

We returned to San Juan via a horrendous journey. The bus in Costa Rica dropped us off at the border, we were then left to trudge for a kilometre through mud to get to the Nicaraguan side. A Nicaraguan man helped us wash all the mud off our feet and stupidly we let him take our flip flops to the tap. There was a brief ten minutes when I thought he'd run off with our shoes, but my faith in humanity was restored when he came back with our sparkling clean flip-flops. We stayed at Esperanza, the same hostel as before and went back to the Hotel...

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Jul 3, 2010 - San Juan del Sur

We arrived at the surf town of San Juan on Canada Day, so there were lots of parties and maple leaves everywhere. I can't get their anthem out of my head now. San Juan is a really cool place, with absolutely heaps of backpackers and surfers. We met up with yet more people from Mexico and went out in the town. The reality show Survivor is being filmed on the beaches here at the moment, so the crew from the show were out too. We had a really good night out after being in a few quiet towns recently. The next day we went to a hotel in the town...

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Apr 12, 2010 - San Juan del Sur

Up and going early, bus (24 seater) stops at Finca at 7 am and 11 or 12 of us leaving pretty much fills the small bus. Heading down the hill from Finca it stops at the bottom and more get on. Before long it is packed to the gills. Due to the rough condition of the road (rocks and holes), in addition to the load, we are crawling along. It takes an hour to go the 3 km to the paved road where we get off to catch another to the ferry. It is easy to see why biking it for Nina, Nels, and Greta took an hour to get to Eye of the Water...a clear...

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Feb 25, 2010 - EarthQuakes

News Update. MANAGUA (Reuters) - A strong 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Nicaragua's western coast on Wednesday night, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no reports of injuries or damage. Nicaraguan media said the quake, which struck near the border with Costa Rica, was felt in communities along the Pacific coast. The temblor was centered 37 miles southwest of Rivas, under the ocean at a depth of 26.5 miles. The USGS initially reported the quake had a 5.8 magnitude.

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Jul 4, 2009 - San Juan del Sur

4th July Since the President of Honduras was overthrown in a coup de tar? it was recommended that we do not go to Honduras as we may not get out if violence and civil disturbance breaks out so we opted for the beach! San Juan Del Sur offered opportunities to surf and see turtles come on to the beach to lay their eggs. When we arrived we headed straight to the beach (via a 45min truck journey) the beach in question was "the one for real surfers" and indeed there were experienced surfers out there on the large waves. After a swim around it...

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Jul 2, 2009 - Nicaragua

NICARAGUA (Teneale) Someone was definitely looking after us on the morning that we left Honduras for Nicaragua as we were incredibly close to being stuck in Honduras indefinitely! We woke up at 3:30 am to catch the 4:30am bus only to arrive at the station and be told that we couldn’t get on to the bus for the next 3 days. Unbeknown to us, the reason why we couldn’t get tickets for the bus was that a military coup was occurring that very moment! The army had cut off all electricity and lines of communication and thus the ticket system was...

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Jun 28, 2009 - Nicaragua

We have been incredibly lucky with border crossings in Central America and the trend continued when we left Honduras last Sunday morning... Rian, the South African instructor at Alton’s Dive Shop advised us against travelling at the weekend because all the little towns in Central America have festivals on Saturdays making it really difficult to find accommodation and bus tickets. Thinking that we knew better we left Utila on a Saturday after our last dive and arrived in San Pedro Sula to find that all the hotels were booked up – Rian’s...

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Jun 15, 2009 - Travel Day to Costa Rica

June 14, 2009 It was Sunday night and our last night in SJDS. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and Kevin and Claire cooked their mahi mahi that they had caught on their fishing expedition. We enjoyed our visit immensely and have made plans to join the Brits in Panama for a sailing boat excursion. Later in the evening there was another power failure, only this one didn’t end anytime soon. Claire brought out some candles and we had a lovely visit in our ”living room” by candlelight. This reminded me of our last night in Roatan when there was a...

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