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Mar 10, 2010 - El Castillo

So here I get up. Now I go down stairs for breakfast, just toast. Then we went on a boat to the jungle. I saw monkeys, it was awesome!! Then we went swimming. Then we got in the boat and went back to the hotel then we went for lunch. We got a tiny carne empanada and a banana because we were out of money. It only cost $10 cordobas each. Then we went to the fort, that was interesting and then we went in the boat fishing for Tarpon. We didn't catch anything. Then we went to the hotel Victoria and ate a good supper. I had chicken, salad, fries...

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Mar 9, 2010 - El Castillo

Here I wake up on the ferry.Now we get off at San Carlos.We ate at a weird restaurant.It was rice and beans and salad and pina´(pineapple) juice.Then we got on a boat and went to El Castillo. Then we got off and found a hotel called hotel tropical. Is nice!! Then we went crocodile/alligator hunting at night. When we went I got to hold a baby Cayman. He caught two small ones and we saw an iguana, lizards things and a thing like a raccoon. It was awesome, cool, fun, amazing. Then we went out for supper. It was good. Then we went home to bed....

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