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Sep 22, 2011 - Idiots abroad- Another hilarious journey!

Idiots abroad- Another hilarious journey! 22nd Sept My actual birthday and I got to speak to my mum, sister and nephew Tye on Skype :) starting to miss home a little now. I know I keep blogging about bus journey's but its just because they are all so hilarious but potentially dangerous and disastrous! We took a ferry from Granada to Isle de Ometepe, an island on a lake formed by two massive volcanos. It should have taken 3hours but as everything takes at least an hour longer then expected in Central America we arrived after dark. We'd...

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Jul 29, 2011 - Monteverde

Bienvenidos en la tierra de la PURA VIDA!!!! Nous voici a Monteverde, beau petit coin de pays du Costa Rica!!! Tres haut en altitude, on se retrouve a la hauteur des nuages!!! Etant dans la saison des pluies, on se fait mouille!!! Cela nous importe peu puisque le petit village est charmant et quon ne se prive pas pour faire des activitees!!! Notre journee a bien commence avec lactivitee des ZIP LINES!!! Cest pratiquement un arbre en arbre sauf que tout le long, on est attache a une corde et on vole aux dessus des arbres!!! Tellement beau...

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Jul 29, 2011 - Ometepe

Bonjour a tous! Nous avons ete pendant deux jours sur la petite ile d;Ometepe qui se trouve au milieu du lac Nicaragua! Cette ile est compose de deux volcans; Conception et Maderas... Nous avons passe une journee a escalade le plus petit des volcans soit Madera... Cela nous a pris 10 hrs... Cetait une hike`plutot difficile car on a passe a travers 3 sortes de forets et les deux derniers kilometres etait plutot apic et tres boueux.... Comme nous etions dans la "Cloudforest", on sest retrouver au milieu des nuages!!! La hauteur totale du...

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Jul 13, 2011 - Ometepe

Ometepe is an island on Lake Nicaragua and has two large volcanoes. The biggest volcano here and the second largest in Nicaragua is an active volcano called Concepción at 1610 m (5281 feet). The other but dormant volcano is called and Madera and is 1340m high (4395 feet). While I was here, I decided I needed a fair bit of excercise as I have been doing a lot of long travel days and wanted to do something challenging at the same time. I had no real idea how difficult a climb this would be. We were told that this was a difficult climb and...

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Dec 25, 2010 - Christmas on Ometepe

Although we have had some fantastic experiences we are also now suffering from 'traveller's fatigue' so we decided we had earned a little break over Christmas and came to Ometepe. This is an island in Lake Nicaragua, dumbell-shaped with a volcano (what else?!) in each round bit. We stayed at Hacienda Merida (great recommendation thank you Anna!) for four days of R & R. Well, I did the R & R thing while Les, you will not be surprised to hear, hired a bike and explored the island. To be fair I was planning to get a bike too, but if you saw...

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Jul 23, 2010 - Isla de Ometepe

We´ve stayed a few days on the island of Ometepe. It is an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua that is famed for its twin volcanos La Concepcion and La Madera. One of the days we climbed half way up La Madera - one very hot and long climb but finally we reached a beautiful 40 meter waterfall that made the climb worth every step. We enjoyed the refreshing water and swim, sharing the beautiful sight with just two other people - a nice young couple from Texas.

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Jul 1, 2010 - Isla de Ometepe

We caught a ferry to the Isla de Ometepe, an island in the middle of a massive Nicaraguan lake. The island has two volcanoes which looked amazing as we approached. We went to the main town, Moyogalpa, which was really quiet. The whole island is really quaint, and not many proper roads or towns. We decided to attempt to climb the biggest volcano, Concepcion, but only up to the cloud line. The hike was around 7 hours in total and was definitely a test on my fitness. I couldn't get over how steep it was to get up there, my little legs couldn't...

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Apr 9, 2010 - Ometepe Island - Some Pics Need Captions

Leaving Oasis Hostel today...been a good place to stay, lots of different people, big group from Global College, Long Is. U. here...very interesting 4 year program, travel to different parts of world every year for 4 months of their education. One next year will study comparative religions going to Turkey, Taiwan, India, and Thailand. Left hostel w/ friends we met (Nina & Nels from Denmark, Greta from Sweden) and bus to Rivas & San Jorge. Countryside is brown & dry except in a few cases where land owners obviously have access to irrig water...

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Mar 7, 2010 - Walking Ometepe

Today after spending the night in a dorm shared by all plus a few scorpions,spiders and beetles { one which was walking around inside my pj´s in the middle of the night}, we decided to walk to one of the big attractions on the island. The eye of the water, which is a spring of mineral waters. It supposedly cures many ills and is said the take years off. {The man at the gate stated that I looked 9 years younger on my way out:]It was a very long walk but fortunately we did most of it along a beautiful sandy beach, and in sight of a perfect...

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Mar 6, 2010 - Isla de Ometepe

Wow what a day and what a trip. First of all last night the wind picked up so much that the materials on the roof were lifting up and banging. Very worrisome as we have to take teh ferry the in the morning to Ometepe Island and the trip is notoriously rough. So the morning started off with a 7am hike through Granada with full packs through the early morning streets of Granada. Since its so hot here the vendors set up shop early and the trip through the mercado was loud and busy even at this early hour. It was easy to find the bus station...

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Jun 29, 2009 - Ometepe

29 June Travel day across the border. Bus, bus, ferry and bus. Go for swim in the lake with wonderful back drop of the other volcano (and most prominent) Conception. Try out both Nicaraguan beers Victoria and Tonia. Very warm night with spectacular lightning show. The electricity went out as it often does in this part of the world and as we looked over to the lake you could see the waves splashing up on the shore line in between flashes of sheet lightning. Spooky. 30 June Several of us decided to climb the smaller volcano (Maderas?) it was...

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Jan 4, 2009 - Isla de Ometepe

Come to this hourglass-shaped island before it get's too touristy and expensive. There is a volcano on each side, Concepción and Merida, that dominate the landscape and views. In the narrow middle there is a river where you can see alligators. Concepción is an amazing view and I got some good views of it while hiking Merida. Concepción is a 12-hour hike with no views at the top as the tip is most always in the clouds so I thought not worth it. There is a lake at the top of the Merida hike but I was on the wrong end of the 50% chance of...

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