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Mar 15, 2011 - Matagalpa

Es war sicher nicht der einfachste Weg hierher, aber nach 5 Stunden fahrt bin ich nun doch angekommen. Auf den ersten Blick wirkt es hier nicht sehr spektakulaer, aber ich habe auch noch keinen zweiten Blick riskiert. Bisher bin ich mal im "guenstigen" Hotel Plaza untergekommen. 100 Cordobas fuer ein Bett mit einer Wand die nicht bis zur Decke geht.. ich hoffe niemand klaut meinen Rucksack waehrend ich im Internetcafe bin ;)

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Mar 31, 2010 - Matagalpa

Lft about 8:30 to Esteli then bus to Matagalpa & Hotel Alvarado. Walked about town...jammed w/ cars & people in town center...Easter week. While waiting for Bon in a market I did a survey of vehicles passing by (this is bumper to bumper - single lane, one way)...39 were Toyota, 31 were KIA (mostly taxis), and 22 were a combo of Honda, Izuzu, Mitsubishi, etc...no more than 5 of other makes - NO American cars at all!! 4/1 Streets deserted, stores closed and buses not on any schedule - some not even going to any of regular destinations from...

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Jan 25, 2008 - Matagalpa, We Arrive In

We reluctantly left San Juan del Sur this monring. Our hotel, Hospedaje Nicaragua, was better than last night. We had a good breeze through the louvered windows and a balcony with 2 rockers overlooking the street. Our 2nd floor room was right above the city mercado so it was noisy but we had to leave as soon as we grabbed tipico breakfast (gallo pinto, plantains and scrambled eggs again)at the market. We grabbed a taxi to Rivas and the taxi driver situated us right where the bus would pick us up for Managua and warned us to take care with...

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Feb 6, 2007 - Into the Highlands

So to beat the heat we decided to head for the hills, busing up to Matagalpa, where we found a town full of pick-up trucks and cowboys with hats and boots - pretty much what we left in Montana. What we dont have in Montana is cloud forest and coffee plantations, which is where we went the next day. We spent the morning hiking through the forest, as Juan put on his best knowledgable guide hat and pointed out things like 'moss` and `leaves`. Rosalita was duly impressed, until Juan led her up a relentless sheer slope. Why? 'Because it's...

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Mar 21, 2006 - Selva Negra

We made our way to Matagalpa, which is a serene mountain town much cooler than Leon. We came here to cool off for one and for a beautiful little hideaway called Selva Negra. Selva Negra is a black forest up in the mountains covered with coffee plants, and trails galore. It was founded by a German community, and the cabins are very Hanzel and Gretel. We managed to take a very tranquil hike, well tranquil until we saw a Puma cave, then it was more of a brisk run. We recharged at the restaurant with a piece (okay 2 pieces) of their...

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Jun 20, 2005 - Selva Negra - Nicaragua

From Santa Lucia we made our way over three days (via DanlĂ­ - yuck, and EstelĂ­ - marginally better) into the mountains of northern Nicaragua. Just north of the town of Matagalpa is the Selva Negra Coffee Plantation which doubles as a sort of weekend getaway jaunt for urban Nicas (you really have to pronounce that one carefuly!) The scenery in the area is stunning - all green rolling hills, lush coffee fields and clear mountain streams, the hotel however looks like a german ski lodge circa 1964. I'm not sure how we continually find...

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