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Jan 3, 2005 - Ometepe

After a sad farewell to Granada, Nicaragua, we set out to explore the island of Ometepe. "Ometepe" literally means "two hills," and the island consists of two grand volcanos, Concepcion, and Madera, with communities settled at each of their bases. The volcanos are inactive, but it is quite a sight, to see these two ominous peaks looming over life below, knowing the devestation that could ensue if either erupted. As with most of our travel experiences, we set out for Ometepe without fully knowing what our modes of transportation would be...

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Dec 26, 2004 - Nicarugua - San Juan Del Sur

Boxing day and we are firmly ensconsed on the beach at San Juan till sun down and then an evening of lobster and a few too many cocktails. Next day and we are off to the pharmacy to see why Dodley looks like a Dalmatian (no not the droopy eyes...the spots...I have counted up to 120 and lost interest, I mean count!!!

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Dec 23, 2004 - Nicaragua - Isle de Ometepe

Christmas eve was spent watching the locals enjoy their fiesta which involved copious amounts of alcohol and then seeing how long they could stay on the bulls, whilst their compatriots would wave bits of red cloth at the bull with fairly predictable results and not without injury!

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Dec 13, 2004 - The Twin Volcanoes... Isla de Ometepe

From San Juan del Sur we headed through Rivas on route to Isla de Ometepe. We instantly fell in love with this simple island. We traveled through many small villages, staying in simple hostel/hotels along the way. We started in the largest town of Moyogalpa and made our way through Chaco Verde to Merida. In Merida we stayed at Playa Volcan, a very rustic hostel made up of thatched roofed buildings. It was so rustic, in fact, that Emo was rudely awoken by a scorpion and had the pleasure of being stung three times before ridding his bed of...

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Dec 6, 2004 - Sun, Sand, Surfing and Sunsets

San Juan del Sur, (Pacific Coast) Nicaragua What can be said about paradise? With our newest member, Steph, our voyage continues. Over the past 9 days we have been travelling up and down the Pacific coast of Nicaragua spending our days on beaches and our nights, well, also on beaches. After celebrating our Welsh friend, Charly´s birthday in San Juan del Sur... which involved a piñata, Flor de Caña and a big stick... we made our way south, on bikes, with the intent of staying at Playa Yankè. Although we ignored them, the warning against...

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Nov 21, 2004 - San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

After four buses, one taxi, one border crossing and nine hours travelling today I make it to San Juan Del Sur or Saint John of the South for the english speakers. After checking into my salubrious $3 a night hostel I even made it to the beach to enjoy me first sunset over the pacific ocean with a cerveza in hand.

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Nov 12, 2004 - San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua)

Am Sonntag, 7. November bin ich sicher in San Juan del Sur angekommen. Die Fahrt mit dem Bus hierhin war einigermassen angenehm (da sehr heiss, viel Gepaeck und Sonnenbrand vom Samstag...). Wie in den Reisefuehrern empfohlen wollte auch ich meine restlichen costaricanischen Colones in nicaraguanische Cordobas an der Grenze umtauschen. Dort warten jeweils einige dutzend "Geldverkaeufer" auf ihre Kunden und umwerben diese wie wild. Da kam es mir doch gerade gelegen, dass ein "Geldumtauscher" bereits im Bus sas und Cordobas verkaufte. Vor mir...

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Aug 2, 2004 - Bahia Majagual (from Rivas through San Juan del Sur)

Ellen: This beach had been recommended to us by our friend from Guatemala, Kacey, and her claims corroborated by others, but I was still hesitant to believe that any beach around here that people claimed to be beautiful actually would be. I was totally wrong. This piece of beach between two small cliffs, and the several pieces of beach in between the neighboring cliffs, was just gorgeous. And we got to enjoy it from a "lodge" right off the beach, for $5 a night each! Of course, it was bunkbeads in dorms with only three walls, but the waves...

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Jul 31, 2004 - From Rivas to Moyogalpa (Isla Ometepe)

Ellen: The ferry ride was pleasant, and had some nice views. It was pretty slow and rocky, since the old boat had to steer into every wave, instead of being able to go over them. But before we left we got to watch some kids riding their bikes off the docks into the water. What a safe little game they came up with!

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Jul 31, 2004 - From Granada to Rivas

Kevin: Okay, so we finally managed to leave the comfortable cocoon of the Bearded Monkey (and our nearby airconditioned apartment) in Granada. We were ready to travel again...Little did we know the joys and pains that were soon to be ours on Isla Ometepe, "the largest freshwater island in the world." (Details in a later entry) First, we had a nice ride from Granada through Rivas and on to the port town of San Jorge courtesy of Tom from Canada and his minivan. I found it quite enjoyable, but then I was up in the front seat. Ellen, Tina...

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Jul 5, 2004 - Ometepe

This is where they say a goddess has lain in the lake and all you can see are her two breast pointing at the sky- of course they are just two very strange volcanoes in the middle of the lake. I tried to climb the smaller one, just as far as the waterfalls. By that time I desperately required a swim in the icy water that was dribbling over the cliff edge. A great hike through the jungle to a waterfall I can truly appreciate but I just can´t handle more than about half an hour straight uphill.. Our guide kept telling me it was jsut a bit...

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