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Feb 12, 2020 - Whanganui

Heritage Buildings Day 161 The destination today is Whanganui about 50 minutes north on SH1. We pass through rich farming land but it still has the funny little mounds or hills that break the landscape. The coast is visible occasionally and there is still the backdrop of mountains to the east. We enter the city at the southern bank of the Whanganui River. The forested hills climb steeply from the road and houses cling precariously to the sides. Crossing the river, we find the tourist information centre and park up. We pick up a map for the...

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Feb 13, 2018 - Wanganui

Well that is the South Island done and dusted. The crossing from Picton to Wellington was uneventful and the weather was fair thank goodness. We had heard it can be a bit of a nightmare if the seas are rough. We headed on up the west coast to Whanganui ('wha' pronounced as in 'what' or 'fun' - I can't explain it!). Pretty uneventful but we had a nice AirBnB by the river so had a nice walk in the evening. Not much else to say about the place really.

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Mar 20, 2017 - On the road to Whanganui

We officially took possession of our car this morning and then hit the road. Getting out of the city was fairly stressful with it being the first time driving on the "wrong" side of the road, but we made it without incident! The scenery was beautiful, lots of hills, mountains, sheep and dairy cattle. And VERY winding roads so I was not a good passenger. Wanganui is a pretty town and we decided on a hostel, saving our first night of car camping for another night.

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Jul 30, 2012 - Black Sands Beach and Daily Life

Soooo.. I haven't written in a bit, but I've decided to break that and go ahead and talk about my lovely little life. First off, a group of about... 13 of us went on a little road trip to the beach this past weekend! We basically just drove till we found the beach and hung out. The beaches were black sands beaches.. however some were more black than others. I got some really pretty pictures! (look on Facebook.. for those of you who are on there!) I must say that the west side of New Zealand, at least where we drove, is pretty flat!...

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Mar 11, 2012 - A rough ferry crossing

The roaring forties lived up to their fearsome reputation when we crossed the Cook Strait for the second time. The wind was forecast to rise to force 10, so Ali took two of her sea sickness tablets. The weather was as predicted, but the ferry had such good stabilisers that it was a pretty comfortable crossing and the pills were not required. Pete, predictably, spent as much time as possible on deck enjoying the elements. We were joined by albatrosses, many dolphins and a seal or two on the crossing. We arrived late into Wellington and had a...

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Sep 30, 2011 - Wanganui

This has been an eventful few days!! Our first night in Wanganui was another experience we won't forget in a hurry!! Although we may try to! After visiting the i Site (toursit information) we discovered that Gemma had found us a cheap place to stay in a fairly run down part of town with lots of derilict houses etc. We had to stay there as the owner is known for taking money even if the guests phone up and cancel. So we had to bite the bullett and stay there. We had a choice of rooms ranging from a normal room to the honeymoon room and the...

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Dec 14, 2009 - West Coast North Island

After sending off our last message to you, we left Rotorua and headed to Waitomo Caves via Hwy 30. (We decided to head west rather than east since we are planning on participating in the Easter Rally the first week of April and it will be in Hastings on the east coast so didn’t want to duplicate that area.) It was a beautiful ride and the weather was perfect. We stopped in Waitepa at the junction of Rte 30 and 3. We had a delicious ice cream cone, our first, for only $1.50! We stopped at the visitor’s center (most towns have these, they are...

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Oct 27, 2009 - tauranga-wanganui

Gisteren, geen bericht kunnen doorsturen omdat de hotspot in het holiday park uitgebaat werd door een andere provider dan degene waar ik een maandabonnement heb bij genomen. Gisteren vanuit Papamoa naar Taupo gereden en onderweg gestopt in Rotorua, waar we de governement gardens bezocht hebben alsook langs het Rotorua meer enkele poelen met geothermische activiteit en de bijhorende stank bekeken. De governement gardens zijn prachtig onderhouden en al meer dan 100 jaar oud en worden gedomineerd door het museum en de warmwater baden. Deze...

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Mar 14, 2009 - Wellington up to Wanganui via Weta

Today we thought we would re-visit Wellington seeing as we were there! so we went in to town and got a coffee in the place we liked last time we were here. Then we decided to see if we could find a panel beater, which we did but he was choca block so we will try in the next town! On our way out of Wellington we nipped in to Weta caves which is a little museum which is joined to the Weta Studios where they do special effects and make props for such films as Lord of the Rings, Narnia, King Kong, I Robot...the list goes on and on! We then...

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The A&E Adventure

Jan 28, 2009 - Not Bard From Stratford - And Great Views At Reapehu

Leaving New Plymouth this morning we headed out towards Stratford (The gateway to Taranaki) which gave us plenty of views to our right of the mountain, though initially in cloud and we thought we were going to be denied our final glimpses before heading off North East, however the cloud peeled back and we were again rewarded with uninterrupted views of the peak. Stratford definitely plays on its name link with Shakespeares birthplace. The local bank are having a summer of outdoor Shakespeare plays and the town clocktower (“the only...

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Sep 4, 2008 - Day 4: Wanganui

We left Wellington in our dust as we head off north to Wanganui. our first day on the open road. we made it only 30 minutes out of the city and the rain cleared up and it turned out to be a nice sunny day. The road took us through a mountain range where the side guard rails were just a wire fence!! not much to help you stop falling to death if you so happen to go off the side off the road. On our trip today we came across a small town called Cartarton, it supposed to have a replica of the famous Stonehenge but when we found it all it was,...

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Jul 6, 2008 - Farm no. 2: Wanganui

We made our next farm stop at Maggie and Doug’s farm in Wanganui. They made us feel really at home straight away, and getting to know their 31 (or so!) miniature horses (so, so cute - and smaller than a big dog!), many dogs and cats, sheep and highland cross-breeds was a real treat. Our work, which we did in the mornings, was easy and fun (and we usually had 'help' from at least one mini horse, Pie and/or God - two of the dogs, and a gorgeous ragdoll farm cat!), and in the afternoons we explored Wanganui, a beautiful river town that we...

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