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Dec 9, 2009 - December 9

December 9 Today is our first real rainy day. It started during the night, let up when we had breakfast and then started again. We drove over to Wanaka and settled into the Kiwi campground. Then it was laundry time. Now we are ready to go for another 5-6 days. We called Pete and are going to meet him tomorrow for coffee and discuss a plan.

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Apr 12, 2009 - Wanaka

Pour finir la journée en beauté, nous avons monté le Mont Iron à notre arrivée à Wanaka. Ce n’est pas une montagne très haute ou spectaculaire, mais elle offre de très belles vues sur les deux lacs de la région, soit le lac Wanaka et le lac Hawea. Ensuite, nous sommes allés faire une tour de poussette au « centre-ville » de Wanaka dans le but d’endormir Sarah-Jeanne, mais ça pas vraiment fonctionné. Le lendemain matin, bien que la journée s’annonçait maussade, le ciel s’est dégagé pendant que nous prenions un petit latté dans un café...

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Jan 13, 2009 - Wanaka

Wanaka was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t think it would be as ‘sophisticated’ as it was, but due to its proximity to skiing, it had quite a buzz to it. Nice restaurants, bars, a lively scene on the lake side, kayaking etc and more importantly - a PLAYGROUND!!!!! Woooohooooo! 2 happy bunnies. After the complete adrenalin overload of Queenstown, we thought the girls might like a gentle kayak on the lake. 10 minutes later – bored. Oh well – a few more years till we can enjoy the peace of nature a bit more with them. It would be nice to be...

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Nov 9, 2008 - Week 18 – Week ending 9 November 2008 – Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

It is a lovely Monday, but I am back to work and Gary has another day off. What a crazy busy day at work. Gary picks me up from work and drops Ericko and David off near their place. Gary has had a great day today. He got the van “house work” done then took Logan and Poppy fishing at this now favourite spot. Gary ended up catching four fish today, however he only kept one, a Salmon. We have never eaten Salmon before, so tea should be interesting. Where Gary is fishing is accessed via a gate that runs through private property. This property...

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Oct 24, 2008 - Wanaka (5)

Another glorious and sunny day in Wanaka. Lay in until 10 today, coz we can, then just lazed around for a bit, reading, tidying up and so on. After lunch Nick decided he would cycle out to the airfield again to see if he could get some photos. Turned out the whole thing was completely closed down – no jumping at all – not sure why. I couldn't be bothered to go – something feels odd about doing the same route twice – so I stayed on camp, did some washing and sat in the sun reading for a bit. In the evening we walked into town for happy...

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Oct 23, 2008 - Wanaka (4)

It's another glorious day in Wanaka and today pretty warm too. Forecast is for more of the same, so we may stay here another day or so. Today was sky-diving day!! Yes, we really did it. 15,000 feet straight out and down. It was absolutely amazing. It was a very slick operation. They sent a van to pick us up at 11.45 and take us to the jump centre at the airport. On the 10 minute journey they showed us an instructional video, which basically consisted of the 3 positions you needed when you came out of the plane, when you were free-falling...

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Oct 22, 2008 - Wanaka (3)

We didn't get up until 10am this morning – you'd think we were on holiday or something! Spent the glorious morning pottering around, did some washing, tidying up, etc. Nick decided he wanted to go clay pigeon shooting, so after lunch we cycled out to Wanaka Airstrip where there is a shooting range (archery, golf, clay-bird, rifle range, etc.). $30 will buy you 20 cartridges. The guy walked Nick through the basics, and told him to expect between 1 and 6 hits for his first time – red rag to a bull of course. He got 9 out of 20 in his first...

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Oct 21, 2008 - Wanaka (2)

The best weather so far, I think. Not a cloud in the sky, hardly any wind and about 19 degrees. Spent a lazy morning around the site, then Nick decided he wanted to go for a bike ride. I fancied some R&R, so went into town instead, bought and wrote some postcards and managed to sneak in a chilled glass of white wine on the lake front. Nick was going to ride to Lake Hawea, but for directional reasons, he didn't quite make it. By some kind of chance, we ended up meeting up in town. Spent a nice relaxing evening at the site enjoying the sun.

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Oct 20, 2008 - Queenstown - Wanaka

Depart Queenstown: 4030 km (10.30) We lay in this morning again, 'til about 9, as we had decided to stay put in Queenstown for another night, but Nick decided that we may as well be in Wanaka (with internet access and a nicer site) to do nothing, than in Queenstown. It rained during the night, and a damp day in Queenstown didn't appeal much, so we agreed to hit the road. With a quick visit to the supermarket, we hit the road. We went out via the Coronet Peak road to Arrowtown, just for a change of scenery, and then headed out on route 6...

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Oct 10, 2008 - Wanaka

Got the bus from Franz Josef to Wanaka, a 7 hour journey. Got to visit a couple of scenic spots along the way though. First off, Lake Matheson. This is a lake with no water of any flowing through, so any leaves that fall in turn rot and turn the water black. This in return causes the water to reflect the mountins and hills. Quite spectacular. Also went past Mt Cook (the highest in NZ) and Mt Tasman. Spending a coupe of days here before heading off to Queenstown, where we plan on going to the Milford Sound and also go Mad Dog River Boarding

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Oct 9, 2008 - Wanaka (2)

Depart Wanaka: 3016 km (09.45) Actually we didn't depart really because we are back in the same exact spot tonight. We left, did some stuff, then came back again. Very nice place. The only complaints are the lack of wifi and the fact that the washing machines are locked on a cold cycle and therefore don't wash properly. I pays my money, I want hot water for my washing. 5 stars for goodness sake. The skies cleared last night and it was freezing cold, the coldest night so far, and neither one of us could get warm. At least that meant we woke...

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Oct 8, 2008 - Haast - Wanaka

Depart Haast Village: 2870 km (09.40) What a night! Sooo much rain. Wind and rain. Actually lots of places around 'the mainland' had storms forecast for yesterday, and it seems that Haast Village was no exception. I had visions of us being swept away by an out of control river and swept out to sea. Obviously we weren't. The morning bought more of the same, and even some heavy hail stones. We got an early night last night, what with there being so little to do. We just had eggs on toast for tea last night, as we weren't that hungry, and read...

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