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Jan 9, 2013 - Wairoa, Hawk's Bay

All set to go again. Repairs done. Even put more air in the tires and washed the van. It was a hot and sunny day. Didn’t get too far though. I turned down a side road to look for some birds and got stuck in the sand. It took us three hours of hard work, digging with sticks and a wooden spoon to get out. Now camping at Wairoa, only about 50 km south of Gisborne on Hawk’s Bay. Arrived here filthy dirty and very tired. Oh well, at least nothing is broken and after a good night’s rest, we will be ready to go again.

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Jun 15, 2008 - Waiora to Taupo North Island 19 to 20 May 2008

Jeff Today’s weather is good and our journey will be all driving and scenery watching. First we will travel south along SH2 for 71 miles and see the sights we enjoyed on the 1st of May; then we will turn right 8 miles north of Napier to drive to Taupo along SH5. This is a total journey of 159 miles. Soon we were travelling up and down big hills and at one particularly high hill we pulled off the road at a viewing spot on our side of the road. We had missed this one out on our way north due to the fading light and overcast day. The views...

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May 21, 2008 - Napier to Gisborne North Island 01 to 03 May 2008

Jeff The journey north from Napier along SH2 to Gisborne is 127 miles long with an ‘add on’ for a trip to the Mahia Peninsula. Our first stop was to visit the Tangoio Falls in a scenic reserve, and as it has been raining a lot lately, there should be lots of water; so on with the walking boots. As expected the going was muddy and there were lots of autumn leaves on the track; and true to form we were walking uphill. After 25 minutes we reached the first falls and then a further 10 minutes uphill took us to the lookout at the wider falls...

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