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Apr 29, 2008 - Te Anau

With a little bit of a lie-in we set off for our last overnight stop on the bottom bus - Te Anau. Along the way we stopped off at a farm for a mini farm tour. Farming is a massive industry int NZ and there is about 40 million sheep. This was cheap and some good fun. First we fed nearly adult lambs then watched the clever sheep dogs in action. Lastly we had a go at sheep shearing. He thought I had done it before as he said that I had a natural way of handling the razor. woohoo! We arrived in Te Anau in the afternoon and we went to a free...

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Apr 17, 2008 - Te Anau & Milford Sound

The day after our glacier walk we drove as far as our aches and pains would take us and got to Lake Wanaka just before dark. With the campervan you have 2 overnight options: 1. pay for a powered site at a campervan park which gives you plug in electricity which heats your water and lets you plug in electrical appliances such as heaters and they also let you use their facilities (e.g showers, kitchen etc.), or 2. park up at the side of the road for free but lots of scenic spots have signs up prohibiting this. You can still cook on the gas...

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Mar 3, 2008 - Doubtful Sound

Well, if there is a more amazing place on earth, i can't imagine it! Lisa and I spent 8 hours on a boat cruising the Doubtful Sound in southwest NZ... Bottlenose Dolphins and seals baking in the sun were second only to the most amazing mountains/sea that we've ever seen. We have already filled up on memory card and 2 rolls of film. Unfortunately, the downside to caravaning around is no High Speed Internet!!! Next Stop, Mount Cook and the Glaciers!!! Long live Sir Edmund!!!

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Jan 31, 2008 - טה-אנו - ענת

עשר ורבע בלילה, כולם ישנים בקווראן של משפחת שנקר וזה אירוע מאוד יוצא דופן ואפילו בן ואני מותשים לחלוטין אחרי מקלחת טובה. ובכן, אם זכרוני אינו מטעני זהו באמת היום הראשון שהמקלחת בו לא הייתה בשביל התרעננות וכייף אלא באמת כדי להתנקות ולהחליף ריחות. אנחנו ב-Te Anu. כאמור הגענו לכאן אתמול בערב ואת הפעילויות האמיתיות התחלנו היום. Te Anu היא עירה השוכנת לצד אגם באותו שם ומשמשת כמבוא לארץ הפיורדים. המקום משגע ביופיו. הפארק נמצא ממש לצד האגם, עם הפרדה של כביש בלבד, ושרשרת הרים גבוהים חובקת אותו. על פסגות ההרים הגבוהים עדיין ניתן לראות פיסות קטנות של...

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Jan 30, 2008 - The Catlins

פתאום התחוור לי שאתמול לא כתבתי והנה גם היום אנחנו כבר כמעט במצב מאוזן אז מהר התאפסתי על עצמי ובעידוד נוסף של בן אני אסכם את היומיים האחרונים, שהאמת שהיו ממש ממש מוצלחים. ובכן אחרי שזוג העירונים יצאו לטיול הקרוואנים, בן ממש החליט להיות קרבי. זה התחיל מהקיטורים על הצפיפות באתרי הקמפינג והטיולים העירוניים והמשיך ברצון אמיתי שלו לצאת לטבע ואפילו סתם לעצור את הקרוואן איפהשהוא...עלי זה קצת גדול אבל טיול בטבע בהחלט כן ולכן בחרנו שלא לנסוע ישירות מדונידין לאינוורקרגיל אלא לרדת עד לקצה הדרומי ביותר של האי הדרומי לאיזור שנקרא "הקטלינים". מה שמיוחד...

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Jan 2, 2008 - Te Anau and the Doubtful Sound

Our trip south west from Queenstown had been a remarkably pretty drive through rolling country side festooned yet again with the ever present wild lupin, all bobbing their pretty pink heads in the gentle breeze. Our destination was Te Anau, in the area known as Fiordland. A particularly remote part of New Zealand where the average rainfall is about 6 - 7 meters (or 20 - 23 feet) a year and it usually rains 2 out of 3 days a year. We had arrived on one of the non rainy days in fact it was so warm and sunny that we enjoyed a very pleasent...

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Dec 23, 2007 - Mossburn to Te Anau South Island 5th to 7th December 2007

Sylvia's Comments We called in to say good-bye to our hosts and settle our account only to be told there was no charge for the site. In the conversation we were told of a good camping ground on the way to Milford Sound and an equally good walk. So with these noted it was back into the van for the short journey to Te Anau. We are now in the south of the south island known as Fiordland. It has huge mountains covered in lush forests and snow peaked caps. In between them are fiords carved out by the large glaciers that once covered all of this...

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Oct 19, 2007 - Te Anau, New Zealand

Drive to Te Anau..... Briefing at 8 AM and we left right after. We drove through sheep country the whole time. We had great views of the Southern Alps. I stopped at two Salvation Army Stores so Susan could stock up on some wool sweaters, shirts, hat and vest as she was freezing. Then we stopped in a nice store and Susan bought some Possum and Merino (I don't even know what Merino is...... their possum is a different animal than ours but looks similar with better fur). We did see some Elk, they are farmed here and they call them deer (maybe...

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Oct 14, 2007 - Milford Sound/Te Anau: The clucth is gone!

Team Vigor hit the road for a 4 hour drive southwest to the infamous Milford Sounds. A 14 mile fiord that spits you out into the Tasman Sea. A friend of ours that we met in the hostel, Remko, from the Netherlands decided to join us for our great adventure. An adventure, is defnitely what it turned out to be too!! We arrived to the sounds around 2 o'clock, just in time for our picnic lunch before we headed onto our cruise. The cruise takes off and circles all of the sounds and then takes you back into the wharf lasting all of about 1 1/2...

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Travelin' Queen Bee

Aug 28, 2007 - An unexpected bonus

We arrived back by a large bright full moon which was very impressive....but not as impressive as what followed. After getting ready for bed we looked out of the front window of the van and to our amazement we were witnessing an eclipse of the moon right in the middle of our windscreen! This very bright full moon changed to an orange/brown colour and the edges became so clear it looked like a ball you could pluck out of the sky. Looking at it just as the earths shadow covered the moon there was light spreading from the top which made the...

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Aug 26, 2007 - After the bustle of Queenstown

Queenstown was the busiest town we had seen in the south island.It was full of youngsters off the piste even though the piste were quite a way away. It is the only town we had seen that had lots of lights and was awake after dark! It seemed strange to see shops open at 9pm and people walking about. Normally if we went for a walk after our evening meal it was very quiet and there were only a few very low weak street lights occasionally around. The road from Queenstown to Te Anau was straight and fast and the scenery quite barren.One part was...

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Jul 9, 2007 - Kepler Track

The next day we made ourselves a pack lunch and headed off to walk a section of the 4 day Kepler Track. This is one of the "Great Walks" in New Zealand and has some amazing scenery along it, through woodland, valleys, shorelines and over rope bridges crossing rivers. In fact many of the river scenes from the Lord of the Rings films were filmed here. We stated at Rainbow Reach where we parked the car and crossed over a rope bridge. We were then walking through forests, in just pure silence with noone around, just fantastic! We then crossed...

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