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Jan 10, 2008 - Auckland - Day 2

We picked up our 4WD early in the morning as we wanted to see the Bay of Islands, which is about a 3 hours drive north from Auckland. We arrived there about lunch time and took a ferry, it is a dream forany "Lord of the Rings" - fan ! We returned through the Northland National Park, where we passed a beautiful tropical forest and a picturesque coastline, it was absolutely breathtaking ! Of course it took quite some time so we arrived back in Auckland at about 9pm. Nevertheless we went to check out "Minus 5" that night,Auckland's edition of...

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Dec 15, 2007 - Bay of Islands

So after a 4 hour drive in the pouring rain, along numerous roads under going some sort of renovation (this seems to be a common theme all over NZ!) we arrived in Pahia, one of the main towns in the Bay of Islands. When we arrived it was STILL raining and there wasn't a soul in sight! According to the fish and chip shop owner the weather scared off the visitors and the wetness was due to continue for another couple of days. It was getting late so we parked the van right on the sea front and nipped across the road for some greasey grub and...

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Dec 15, 2007 - Bay of Islands... part deux!

The next day we completed our circle of the north and headed back to give the Bay of Islands another go. The weather still wasn't up to much but we battled on and went to see a few sights. The Waitango Treaty House was really impressive, with a meeting house decorated in traditional wooden Mauori carvings. We also saw Mauori war canoes and a small museum/replica house explaining the history of the British in NZ and their conflicts with the natives. That afternoon we headed for a local waterfall which resembles Niagara Falls with it's curved...

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Dec 15, 2007 - New Zealand - exposing the myth

We have never heard a bad word said about NZ, anyone who has ever been here loves it and anyone we have told of our plans for Christmas in NZ have been more than enthusiastic. We collected our camper van just 4 days ago and it did not take us long to feel completely at home in it. We had been looking forward to the freedom and ability to go wherever the mood took us with our home upon our backs. The great out doors beckoned and we were ready and rearing to go and find it. Talking to fellow travellers who had spent any time in NZ, most of...

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Nov 4, 2007 - Paihia, New Zealand

Drive to Paihia..... We had our longest drive today with several stops. It rained the whole way which took away from the pictures (and the ones I didn't bother taking.). First stop was at a great museum, the Kauri Museum. Kauri is a tree here that is all but wiped out due to logging. The trees are 2,000 years old (or were) and they are usually 12 feet or so in diameter. The wood is really beautiful, something like Koa wood from Hawaii. The main points of the museum were the logging of the wood, the amber from the sap, and pioneer life of...

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Oct 15, 2007 - Paihia, Bay of Islands and the Cape

Early in the morning I was back on the tour bus leaving Auckland for the most northerly part of New Zealand. At first the journey was not particularly exciting and was made even less so when we stopped at "Sheepworld" for a lunch break. Some people find sheep quite interesting but I am definitely not one of them. The only interesting thing I saw on the way up to Paihia, a town about halfway up the northern peninsula, was a hippie building that the bus drove past called "Utopia". The building was long and rounded into unusual curves and...

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Aug 3, 2007 - Reunited

After the horse ride we pottered north stopping to walk along some of the lovely beaches as the sun was out and it was quite warm. We then stopped at Wangarei for a swim at the local aquacentre expecting to stay the night at a campsite close. To our surprise we had a phone call asking us where we were because the courrier was at the campsite we had told them ... but they were a day early! We were still 100 km south of them. We finally got our luggage back in Paihia about 11.30pm after a mad 100km drive north after our swim. It was left on a...

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May 13, 2007 - Settled for a few weeks

Kia Ora ! We've decided to take a break from travelling and have rented a house in a beautiful part of New Zealand called the Northland. We're on the east coast in the Bay of Islands in a town called Kerikeri. The children are going to Riverview primary school for a term and they are really happy there. They have made loads of friends and have wonderfully enthusiastic and dedicated teachers....they already have a schedule of pony riding, tennis and swimming in the afternoons and they seem to have a busy social life too. The bottom of our...

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May 12, 2007 - The Beautiful Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands consists of 144 islands dotted around the bay on the North East Coast, and only one of which is soley owned by an independent person. For the first couple of nights we stopped on a campsite on one of the beaches and we managed to coincide our arrival with a country and western festival! There were cowboys and girls everywhere wearing stupid hats and jigging to Dolly Parton. We met a couple of lads from Reading who were backpacking it around the country, they were very amusing, we teamed up with them for a night.

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Apr 17, 2007 - Paihia

The next stop was up the east coast to the bay of Islands and Paihia. We stayed in a campsite just outside of town with a river running past it, and on our second day we hired kayaks and went exploring down the rivers, was really good fun. However the best thing we did, and would reccomend to anyone, was "the hole in the rock" cruise. The cruise lasted about 4 hours, with 1 hour to have a wander around one of the islands. It was great, we got taken all the way around the bay of islands getting real close to most of the islands and getting...

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Apr 12, 2007 - Bay of Islands and Waitangi

Was up incredibly early this morning, heading off to the Bay of Islands for the day. Took just around 4 hours to get there with a few stops. Had a spot of lunch and then went to see Waitangi, which is where the Maori's and the British signed a treaty creating New Zealand. Got to see the treaty, and also a traditional Waka (canoe ) and meeting house that were built in the traditional ways to commemorate the centential of the signing of the treating. The waka was the world's largest canoe at 35 meters and could carry upto 150 people. Watched...

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Apr 11, 2007 - Paihia (Bay of Islands)

At 6.45am on Tuesday morning I was waiting outside the Kiwi Experience office to be picked up for the start of my adventure. Heading north to the Bay of Islands we passed through some beautiful countryside, compared to Australia, New Zealand looks really green! Probably to do with the fact they haven't had a 5 year drought here. The journey took about 4 hours in total, and our driver took us on a quick tour of the town, telling us what there was to do and see, and what he recommended. Whilst we were travelling up we had had to fill in a...

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