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Feb 20, 2005 - Whangamata

Our route now takes us up the east coast towards the Coromandel Peninsula. Whangamata is a smallish seaside town where we stop mainly for the fact that it the right distance from Rotorua. But it does have a fabulous beach with fantastic waves rolling in off the Pacific which attract lots of surfers. The weather is a bit overast but we still manage to spend a morning lounging on the beach before heading on round the coast.

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Oct 30, 2004 - Matamata aka Hobbiton

Kia Ora Folks! Well, my first day of my road trip down to Wellington. I was so scared this morning that it was rediculous! I'd envisioned not being able to drive, having a full on crash etc etc (yup, full blown drama queen moment!! in my head, at least!!) Anyway, needless to say it was a piece of cake! Once I got going, I just chilled cos Bob (pronounced 'Bub', those of you who have seen the film, French Kiss - Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan, will know exactly what I am getting at!) did everything else! Sweet as! I drove for an hour down to...

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Oct 17, 2004 - Thames - the gateway to the Coromandel Peninsula

Howdy! Well, as Donkey from Shrek would say...."I'm all alone, there's no one here beside me"! Yup, that's right. Everyone else has gone onto Auckland cos they're all flying out on Monday or Tuesday, and I'm in Thames waiting for my bus to the Coromandel, which doesn't come till Monday, so i'm just chillin. I went exploring around the shopping centre yesterday and then to the flicktures to watch resident evil, which I preceded to laugh through cos it was a total rip off of 28 days later (the better film) and was completely predictable in...

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Oct 10, 2004 - Coromandel Peninsula

Stayed at nice place in Thames; the Brian Boru Hotel. Next day drove to Hot Water Beach. Place where you can dig a hole in the sand and make a hot water pool to relax in (apparently). TS not that impressed with it - couldn't find hot water ourselves and too many tourists. Onto Cathedral Cove which was really impressive! 40min walk to a huge cove within a rock on a beautiful beach, and lovely scenery around. Drove to lookout point after for great views of the Bays. Finally did a drive northwards to cover the main scenery of the peninsula...

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Apr 25, 2004 - Hobbiton

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort" J.R.R. Tolkien

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Oct 19, 2003 - Hobbiton

"We once caught one German fan trying to walk off with an entire branch from the old Oak tree over Bag End. He claimed the Istari had sent him to retrieve it." Yes, today we were in Hobbiton and my Lord of the Rings tour is back on track! We'd left Blue Lake and dropped into Matamata on our way back to Auckland. Matamata is a farming famed for its stud farming and horse-racing. With a few hours to spare we jumped on board the Scenic Rings Tours to take us to where they filmed the Hobbiton scenes in the film. The geek in me managed to...

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