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Feb 21, 2007 - Day 161 - Driving the hunk-a-junk to Kaikoura

From the Noddy car to the hunk-a-junk. No wonder the guy from the car rental palce was happy to come and collect us when we were taking the silver crapheap off his hands for two months! After signing over (Sam's) credit card details - oh, that credit limit is gretting REAL close now - we strapped ourselves in, took the leap of faith clearly required, and gunned it up the coast to Kaikoura. Turns out the car was fine. Although without any cassettes to listen to (a cassette player indeed!) we were forced to listen to AM radio. And what a...

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Jan 17, 2006 - Kaikoura

We had planned to swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura but it was fully booked for months in advance so we missed out. The road to Kaikoura from Christchurch was very similar to the Great Ocean road in Australia as it hugged the coastline with no barriers between you and the cliff edge.

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Nov 4, 2005 - Kaikoura 041105 (da)

I går körte vi den meget lange vej fra Kaiteriteri til Blenheim. Egentlig ville vi ikke have kört så langt, men vejret indböd ikke til meget andet end at köre, det var gråt og trist. Vi stoppede kort ved Lake Rotoiti i Nelson Lakes N.P.for at gå en tur, men Egill proklamerede at han ville ikke gå en lang tur. Jeg ved ikke hvorfor, men han er holdt op med at stole på at når vi siger en kort tur, så er det en kort tur. (Når han er træt er det egentlig ligemeget hvad man siger eller foreslår, så er det galt - vi har prövet det der med at...

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Apr 2, 2005 - Kaikura - home of the marine mammals

Kaikura was one of the real highlights of New Zealand. We got to see a seal colony. But more importantly, we got to go swimming with the dolphins. It's a little different (I imagine) that it would be at Sea World; these are wild dolphins (Dusky Dolphins, they're called) and they don't do tricks for you. The boat just takes you out into the water and searches for the pods (it's like herds) of dolphins, you all jump in the water, and the main objective is to entertain the dolphins enough to get them swimming near you. We got kind of a bonus,...

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Feb 18, 2005 - Kaikoura #1 - Swimming with Seals.

WWWWWWWICKID! Basically this was easy peasy - just donned a wetsuit and swam out from the beach to a rock and then 'played' with the seals - bit weird when they growled at you underwater but hey - no bites! They look so clumsy when they;re on the rock and like a bullet when they're underwater! They;re faces look well cuto underwater too - big soppy eyes! Paul. =)

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