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Feb 10, 2007 - Hamner Springs

Headed inland to the centre of the South Island. Not quite banjo country yet, but I can hear distant strains. The gals wanted a spa treatment so Clarky and I being the good chaps we are obliged. It helped of course that it was the 1st week of Super 14 rugby and we found a penthouse with a 42 inch plasma screen ... in the lounge and each bedroom. Yesirreeeee, bob, its the sacrifice we were prepared to make for our beautiful lovely wives. Sharkies and Hurricanes won, so the chaps were well pleased. The gals not so as Clarky slipped out of...

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Fuzz & Phil Run Away

Sep 30, 2005 - Maruia Springs

Our first stops on Friday were some of the wineries around the Nelson region, which we had been planning to go to on Wednesday before we smashed some of our glasses etc...! The first one we went to was The Grape Escape, which is a site with gift shops, wine & liquor tasting. The liquors were actually the best - they did a very nice butterscotch one and a blackcurrant one. They also had nice oils, vinegars and dessert sauces - yum, yum! From there we went just down the road to the Waimea winery that did a good Pinot Noir, although this...

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Apr 18, 2005 - Hanmer Hot Springs

Monday we took a day off viewing marine life and took a trip to Hamner Hot Springs. It was quite a drive from Kaikoura although it didn't seem so far on the map. This was probably because the road was up and down and twisting and turning through the landscape. We were a bit worried (Sandy and I) when we arrived as the temperature of the air around us was about 15C and all the pools were outside. In particular, the fun pool which we were led to first (of course) was only 28C which is about the temperature of your local swimming pool (usually...

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Oct 22, 2004 - Drive to West Coast, Hanmer Springs

JG We drove from 9am to get over to the West coast, decided to stop off at Hanmer Springs and take in yet another hot springs. Gorgeous setting with snowy mountains behind us, beautiful sunny day. Beat Terry on a 20 length race by miles! So he truly has been beaten at a sport by a GIRL! haha! TS - we love our Hot Springs !! Cool place, and great luch after across the road in gorgeous sunshine. Great scenery on the drive west across the Lewis Pass. Weather got gradually worse as we went west...

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