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Jul 22, 2010 - Bad Taste At Lake Mahinapua

We departed Westport thankfully on Thursday morning and our first "hop off the bus for a walk" stop was along the coast line to a lighthouse and then on a bit more to a seal colony. The views were fantastic and down below us a hundred or so seals were lying on the rocks just chilling out after fishing and what not. Then we all got back on the bus again that had been moved to the end of the track. We had a lunch stop at a place called Punakaiki where they had pancake rocks and blow holes that didn't do anything. Then it was time for fancy...

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Apr 17, 2008 - Mahinapua

We were going to Mahinapua today. Population 1 83 year old nutter called Les. Why? For the big fancy dress party. The theme was anything beginning with the letter 'P'. I hate choosing for this sort of thing, and we had an hour to do so in Greymouth. Using the 2 dollar shop, toy shop, charity shop, people bought their costumes. I decided to go as 'Punctuation Boy' which would have worked really well except we werent allowed to use body paint as I had planned. I had to make to with a T-shirt and a marker pen. When we arrived, Les who had a...

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Aug 8, 2007 - Lake Mahinapua

Our day started with a stop at a lookout point over a seal colony. Cool to see but not as impressive as the ones I saw in Australia. Our second stop was in Punakaiki to see the pancake rocks and blowholes along the coast. The rocks are stacks of rocks that look like thin pancakes piled up. Our last stop was Lake Mahinapua where we stayed at the Mahinapua Hotel also known as the 'Poo Pub'. We were also told we were having a fancy dress party at the hotel so we stopped at a cheap shop on the way to pick up costumes for our party. It was...

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