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Nov 8, 2015 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Pete had a nice visit at Bay of Islands, which is a New Zealand enclave encompassing 140 sub-tropical islands. The area is known for its undeveloped beaches and its Maori cultural artifacts. The high temperatures there are in the 70's right now. Pete did send some pictures from the beach but he said the water is cold. The cruises during this Australian leg of his contract are much longer so they keep the same guests for a longer time than the Asian cruises. The stop at Bay of Islands is on Day 4 of a 14 Day cruise!

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Jan 6, 2015 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand

A lovely little day out, we took the ferry over to Russell to catch a glimpse of the Bay of Islands. On our walk up the hill to the look out, we spotted our first flightless bird, the weka. Historically, New Zealand broke away from the landmass of Gondwana, which included South America, Africa, and Australia, and it reputedly had only one mammal (a bat), allowing a wide variety of flightless birds to thrive. We were super-excited to see this one out in the open until we saw a bus driver feeding it to show the tourists (sigh). Didn't they...

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Feb 4, 2014 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand

From Auckland we travelled north to an area called Bay of Islands – so named because of the 140 land masses clustered just off the coast of the mainland. The day dawned a little overcast but still warm and we were hopeful for good weather for the all-day sailing excursion we were headed out to. I’d found a couple on-line who owned their own sailboat and did small group tours of the area for a very reasonable price. They were highly recommended on Trip Advisor so I’d booked with them months in advance. The day turned out to be all that we’d...

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Jan 16, 2012 - Diving

We spent yesterday exploring the very far north of the island and looked out over the rough waters where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific. Now heading south we've reached the Bay of Islands. A bit touristy compared to where we've been, but we're sorting out some diving for the next few days. Possibly the Rainbow Warrior and definitely the Poor Knights islands. Hot and sunny here now!

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Dec 20, 2011 - Bay of Islands

After 4 nights in Auckland, we headed up to the Bay of Islands. Besides being beautiful, it's a very important place historically for New Zealand. It's the site of the first permanent English settlement (Russell) and also where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840. This treaty was an agreement between the Maori and the English and, depending on which version you read, gave the British the right to govern the Maori and in return gave the Maori complete rights as British citizenship. The Maori version states that the Maori would retain...

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Feb 7, 2011 - NZ 2 Bay of Islands

Off to Bay of Islands first thing but as it is Waitangi Day Paul insisted we book. This is in commemoration of the signing of the Treaty between the English and the Maoris in the 1800’s. After many phone calls finally got a B&B Longhouse run by Mike and John in Haruru Falls 2 k from Piahai. Paul spoke to them and booked us in and said Roy had to have black pudding for breakfast. We had so many laughs as Paul said they were a couple of ‘horses huffs’ (puffs), it was exceptionally cheap but looked okay. It was incredible and yes they were Gay...

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Feb 7, 2011 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand

After 2 days at sea, we arrived at the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand. It is correctly named as it consists of over 140 small islands and outcrops. Some even argue, that it has several more at low tide...that may be a stretch. We took a 3 hour catarmaran cruise to see the beautiful islands and rock formations close up aboard a fast catatmaran and took in the historical sights of Captain Cook's landing ( whom discovered the islands for England in 1769 ) and the home of the writer Zane Grey, the famous Cape Brett Lighthouse and the...

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Mar 28, 2010 - Bay of Islands

The day after the wedding Frode and I drive north to the Bay of Islands with my parents and sister, katie. We have rented a house near Russel and have 4 nights there. Our jaws drop as we walk in and we are all drooling and sighing and in a state of disbelief its so lovely. our first afternoon we park ourselves firmly on the huge deck in the sunshine and there we stay. Day 2 is a little rainy but we are quite happy just reading books and relaxing after the last 2 weeks of high pace tourism. The place is perfect for the task at hand: To...

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Trip Journal

Team FroJo 2010

Mar 6, 2010 - Pahia to Rotoroa

Weds 3rd March. Just to say, I thought we had got this blog thing sussed only to somehow manage to hit the wrong button & wipe all the previous entries I had made on a word document which I was saving for future reference. Sorry Mum computer jargon which you won’t understand. Left Paihia on Bay of Islands today and are heading back down to Auckland seeing some things on the way. First stop are some boulders at Hikiri. Not very exciting you might think but actually they were. Initially getting to the place was a bit fraught. The road peters...

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Mar 2, 2010 - Whangerai - Paihai

Monday 1st March, Steve has studied map/book last night & chosen route for today so we set off for Russell taking scenic route. Should of been straight forward as there is only one road there & back , or so I thought but its rainy & very cloudy! On the way we call into a wonderful cafe/gallery over looking Helena bay. They have a fabulous landscaped garden to display their sculptures and also a gallery displaying lovely art works. They had a fabulous painting of the bay at sunset just stunning. Also do wonderful coffee & fresh cakes, need I...

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