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Apr 20, 2013 - Tanks and Towers

We were again up early and had breakfast before setting off by coach for a drive to Westkappel where Canadian forces invaded to pierce the Atlantic wall set up By Hitler from Norway to Spain. A Sherman Tank and a landing craft are set up as memorials and plaques with the names of many Canadian who died in the effort. The place is a seaside resort now and a very pleasant town with several campgrounds nearby. The weather was sunny all day, but very windy and quite cool, probably the best day weatherwise since we came on the cruise. We...

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Apr 18, 2013 - Middelburg, Holland Waterways

The Dutch have had a complicated relationship with the water that surrounds them, from the earliest days of settlement in the Delta- a place often considered completely unsuitable for human habitation. The Dutch have evolved an immensely sophisticated system to separate land and water. Rivers in Holland rarely get their way- allowing them to run freely is dangerous because so much of the land is below sea level. Many of the windmills that still dot the landscape were originally put up in the 17th century to be used as large water pumps, to...

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Jul 3, 2012 - Middelburg

My apologies to the late entries. Unfortunately not all houses had wifi internet connection and we had a bit of bad luck with the trains So now three days Middelburg at the house of Oma den Hollander. In the past Middelburg was a major shipping and trading city. Where Den Helder is in the North, Middelburg is positioned right in the south and is not too far away from Belgium. Middelburg has officially one of the most beautiful city halls in the Netherlands. It has gothic architecture and was originally built in the sixteenth century. In...

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Oct 3, 2011 - Closing in

From Hamburg onwards I have been enjoying a belated heatwave. I've been taking advantage and putting in long hours on the bike, and using my tent on a regular basis. Even when I have had hotels and B&Bs, the prices have been reasonable. Cycling has been a joy for this period, and my slightly sunburned face was a welcome bonus after all the terrible weather I had endured. I had just ten dry days between London and Hamburg, but have had sort of nine since leaving Hamburg. I say sort of, because on a couple of days ther were a few spots of...

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Reboot Tour 2011

Jun 3, 2011 - Middelberg to Gent

A short ride from Middelburg along the canal took us to our ferry ride for the day. It is a bike or passenger ferry only although it looked very much like the Seabus in Vancouver. You tie up your bike to one of the many rows of rails and go upstairs to the lounge or enjoy the ride out on deck. The ferry took us to Breslins and then rode to Sas van Gent where we boarded the Elodie for the final part of the day's journey to Gent (pronounced with a guttural "h" sound). Gent turned out to be an amazing city and once again we had an informative...

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Jun 2, 2011 - Glorious Thursday

Zierikzee to Middelburg – Glorious Thursday, 2nd June http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r38NPr1Xmnk What a magnificent day we had – and what a contrast from the day before. Although we rode a long way and there was some wind, it was nowhere near as uncomfortable. Not to say my bottom wasn’t sore and I didn’t cringe every time I rode over a big bump, but a manageable discomfort. Most of our riding followed water and easy paths. The Dutch are really good with their bicycle paths – even the stop lights have little pictures of bikes telling you...

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