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May 5, 2013 - Day 7 Namche to Tengboche

Down to Phuki Tanga at 3300m and up to Tengboche 3900m, 5 hours Awake again before the alarm at 5am. Ready to head down for breakfast at 6:30am. We left at 7:45am and steadily made our way up out of Namche and followed the trail alongside the mountain. We had constant views of Ama Dablam and Everest however it was very hazy so not the best for photos. Spencer has boundless energy so I call him Springbok. He literally bounces up and down stairs just like one! The guys are generally right behind the porters and are always laughing. Tshiri has...

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Nov 12, 2012 - TENGBOCHE

Bryan had a really bad night last night as he has managed to catch a cold from somewhere. We decided to stay here for today as he doesn't have the energy to continue right now and didn't get much sleep last night. It is a beautiful day, so after breakfast I left him to get a little sleep and wondered around to see what there is to see. We have the early morning tour of the monastery a miss this morning so I sat through a half hour video at the visitors centre to get some idea of the importance of the monastery. One can hardly pass through...

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Nov 11, 2012 - Naamche to Tengboche - 3860m

Sunday morning and we set off past all the kids going to school. Saturday is a holiday in Nepal and Sunday a normal working day. Not far along the route we got our first sighting of Everest. Quite breath taking. Excuse the pun. Passed the Tensing memorial and trekked through Rhodedendron and pine forests till we reached the monastery village of Tengboche.

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Sep 20, 2011 - Tengboche

As we wake up, there is a slight drizzle, but by the time we are ready to get out on the trail, the rain subsides. No headache means that my body is acclimatizing well to altitude. After hot oat porridge, we bid good bye to Hari (the Mauritius guy on Mark Wood’s expedition) and Tara (our friendly waiter friend). We are out on the trail by 7:30 am. The weather does not show much improvement over yesterday – the clouds are all over the place, and the visibility is poor. We are trekking in very pleasant conditions; at these temperatures you...

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Trip Journal

Everest Base Camp

Apr 18, 2011 - Namche to Tengboche

April 18, 2011 Day 9 Namche to Tengboche 3880m - 8.5 - 9 hours Up early at 5:30am and organized ourselves. Nancy was feeling better but now I was sniffing and sneezing. We had a hearty breakfast and departed at 7:30am. We got our first glimpse of Everest after 1 hour and reached the Stupa after 1.5 hours. We couldn't get up to the Stupa as they were upgrading it. We took our time and stopped half way for a well deserved tea break. After half an hour we carried on down to the river at Fungi Thanga for our lunch break. We arrived here at...

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Apr 7, 2011 - On our way down

Sorry for the lack of updates (although this was prophesied in the introduction) in the past few days, but unsurprisingly there has been a lack of cybercafés in the very high Himalaya, and the one that I had thought may be available in Gorak Shep was closed. Gorak Shep has been an experience; each of the teahouses that we have stopped in have been made of plywood with one large social room with a yak dung powered heater and then unheated bedrooms leading off that. This arrangement is fine until people decide that they want to sit around...

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Apr 1, 2011 - Tengboche

Namaste. Wow, today has been an amazing day as we have been granted our first glimpse of Everest itself through the clouds (Lhotse, which is 400m shorter than Everest, appeared larger but that is due to the perspective as Everest is geographically further away from us). The scale of the mountains really needs to be seen to be believed, just where you think the summit should be they just carry on going ever upwards, ‘I raise mine eyes unto the hills’ indeed. The trekking has been the best of the few days that we've been out so far and my...

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Nov 3, 2010 - Pheriche to Kenjuma

Today was a hard trek. Mainly due to the distance we have traveled. We are dropping a vast 600 meters which is great news, It means warmer weather and no more feeling sick and dizzy (or so we thought!). Firstly we walked back the route to Tengboche and upon arrival were greeted with the superb view of Everest once more. We then had an hours descent down from Tengboche which we practically ran down. It was so steep and for once I was in the fast group which felt great! After the descent we had an 1.5 hour climb.. it was so hot and we were...

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Oct 28, 2010 - Namche Bizar to Tengboche

After the first half decent sleep I woke at 6.30am feeling good and hydrated after the 7L's of water I drank yesterday to cope with the AS symptoms. My eyes are puffy from the cold but I know when we start walking I'll warm up. When the sun's out its so hot! T-shirt weather and when it goes in, complete contrast and chilly. We started out trek with a 15 minute climb over Namche, I was still finding it tough with shortness of breathe but much easier than yesterday. I took some Diamox this morning so that kicked in and everything was fine....

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Mar 20, 2009 - NEPAL Tom's Trek to Gokyo Ri 5357m

Wow! Where to begin? After nearly two months on the trail with my pack and a walking stick, there is so much to write, so many spectacular views, so many towering glacier-covered peaks. My journey to the Solu Khumbu region started in mid-March with a hair-raising early morning bus ride to Jiri, the nearest road option to begin the 200km or so trek to the Gokyo and Everest Valleys. I decided to walk-in instead of flying to Lukla. Why not? I have lots of time these days and I obviously love walking through the Himalayas. The path from Jiri...

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