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Oct 17, 2018 - Nepal Nirvana - October 17, 2018 Tansen

What a wonderful sleep last night. It is cooler here on the hilltop and the air is so fresh and clear. Love it! Breakfast is at 7am, however they aren't putting the buffet out as the bread has not arrived - so I was told. Apparently the bread delivery hasn't arrived because it is festival time. Many people are away in their villages visiting family and service & shops is intermittent. I would say the Dashain Festival is the same scale as our Christmas. So many things are delayed or don't happen because of the Festival! If you want an excuse...

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Oct 16, 2018 - Nepal Nirvana - October 16, 2018 Pokhara - Tansen

Had a great sleep and up early to prepare for today's 4 hour journey to Tansen. By 8:00am we had all eaten, were checked out and ready to roll. The early morning traffic wasn't too bad and we drove south of Pokhara and started to climb. Our route took us over several small mountain ranges, hugging the contours of the hills winding like a huge serpentine. The vistas were spectacular and at times a wee bit scary. The road was really good, I think the best one yet, and relatively little traffic. There were pockets of traffic jams and many,...

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Apr 9, 2011 - Tansen

Tansen est le genre de petite ville ou l'on pense ne s'arrêter que pour un court moment mais on y reste finalement des jours! Nous sommes toujours dans le terai, la partie sud, basse et chaude du Népal mais Tansen est déjà bien perché dans les collines qui annoncent l'himalaya. On prévoit d'y rester deux nuits tout de même, de quoi faire le tour de cette charmante petite ville typique népalaise et ou le tourisme est peu développé et n'a donc pas encore pollué les esprits des habitants. Tous les hôtels sont pleins (il n'y en a que trois ou...

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Sep 21, 2010 - A caminho do Nepal

Namaste! Chegamos ao Nepal depois de uma viagem algo alucinante. A Viagem processou-se da seguinte forma: compramos em Varanasi uma especie de pacote, que inclui a viagem de autocarro de Varanasi ate a fronteira; aqui tratamos das normais formalidades fronteiricas, passamos uma noite na fronteira, ja do lado do Nepal e no dia seguinte de manha temos um autocarro para Pokhara. Saimos assim ontem por volta das 9 da manha e era suposto o autocarro chgar a Sunauli, a fronteiras, as 4 da tarde, mas acabou por chegar as 9 da noite... Foram cerca...

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India & Nepal 2010

Dec 7, 2008 - Tansen

Namaste, Nous avons rejoins Tansen, village en plein expansion, population tres acceuillante et chaleureuse. Nous sommes restes 2 nuits, et avons fait une ballade de 6h00 de marche (en nous perdons quand meme 1 heure, merci au garcon surgit de nul part pour la bonne direction a prendre ...) et avons apercu pour la premiere fois les chaines de l'Himalaya. Les paysages sont a couper le souffle !! Les Nepalais sont si acceuillant et tellement gentil ! Que du bonheur. Apres avoir parcouru Ann et moi une partie du trajet menant a ce village sur...

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May 28, 2007 - Welcome to Tansen (Matt & Laura)

Matt: "Welcome to Tansen" exclaims a roadside billboard. We're in a jeep jostling its way up the winding road that parts from the highway and curls its way up into the steep hillside. The noisy bus -- one of whose four rear tires had blown on the journey -- and the travellers we'd met heading for the border are now behind us. Ahead, up this winding road, is Tansen. We are dumped unceremoniously into a noisy, dirty bus station that is really just a small gravel parking lot with a lot of buses, jeeps, and people milling about doing a lot of...

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