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Feb 9, 2006 - Kathmandu

We are back - this morning's early flight was delayed about 4 hours due to fog in Pokhara and we finally got here about 2 this afternoon. We leave tomorrow for Mumbai so this afternoon is being spent doing this on a very slow connection and some final shopping in the Thamel area. I have to admit this city is probably one of the ugliest I have ever seen from the air.

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Jan 31, 2006 - Bharatpur

Due to the political problems in Nepal with the Maoists we have had to change the itinerary totally. Instead of visiting the Chitwan National Park at the end of the Nepal trip we visited it first flying to Bharatpur and then a 1 @ half hour jeep drive to the Safari Lodge. We were late, the planes don't run to schedule here !! and as soon as we arrived we were taken on the first of 3 elephant rides into the jungle. We were lucky within 15 minutes we came across a rhinocerous grazing in the grassland. Plenty of wild boar and deer as well as...

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Jan 16, 2006 - Chitwan National Park

Today I left Kathmandu and headed South West to Chita wan National Park. I arrived at 2.30 pm, ate lunch and then went for a walk to see the working elephants of the village and sunset. When I came back I met the only other two guests Alice from Ireland and Cass (British living in Egypt working as a Dive Master) We went out for some drinks and met some of Alice's friends locally as she has been here before and was back to see everyone and doctor some of the elephants. One of Alice's friends Moon dared Cass to jump in the river so they both...

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Nov 30, 2005 - on safari

First up, thank you all for the messages of congratulations on the website, e-mail etc. Great to know that kathryn's mates think i'm worthy of her and that my mates don't think kathryn's a bit odd. Well we're on safari now. We caught a bus south to Royal Chitwan national park on the border with India, hopeful of seeing tigers, rhinos and elephants in the wild. We've been here for two days now and have enjoyed mixed fortunes. On day one we opted to take an expensive full day excursion into the park. The day's activities comprised of a three...

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Nov 20, 2005 - Royal Chitwan National Park (08-10/11/05)

L'étape suivante a été le Royal Chitwan National Park, un parc national dans la région du Terai, la plaine à la frontière avec l'Inde. Le climat est sub-tropical et le parc est fait d'une jungle dans laquelle on peut (en théorie) observer à dos d'éléphant, des rhinocéros et des tigres. Malgré tous nos efforts, nous n'avons apercu ni l'un ni l'autre (sauf quelques traces), mais avons par contre vu des crocodiles, des daims et beaucoup d'oiseaux. La grande attraction est en fait la balade à dos d'éléphants dans la brume du matin, et le bain...

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Oct 23, 2005 - Bhaktapur - Nagarkot et Chitwan (Nepal, dernieres heures)

De retour a la capitale, dans la poussiere et les gaz d echaement, on se gate un peu... petits dej. avec du bon pain frais bien de chez nous mais malheureusement... toujours pas de Nutella! Et dire que j ai un pot d 1,5 kg qui m attend patiement a la maison!! (Enfin, y a interet!) ;o) Apres une nuit dans une guesthouse pourrie, on s en va pour BHAKTAPUR, la plus belle ville de la vallee de Kathmandu. Ancienne capitale royale, nous sommes plongees directement au Moyen-Age avec, pour fond sonore, prieres et musiques tibetaines. Un charme...

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Oct 4, 2005 - Rafting the Thrisuli River

Just like everything else in Nepal, the rivers are a marvel of natural beauty. They start high in the Himalayas and carve deep valleys and canyons as they work their way down-hill towards India. We took a two day (50+ KM)rafting trip on the Thrisuli River, one of Nepal's largest. The forest surrounding this river was so dense and green that it is probably more accurate to call it a jungle. There were countless waterfalls cascading down the cliffs into the river, which just increased it's size as we went. The volume of water was incredible,...

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Aug 18, 2005 - Chitwan National Park

The photos sum up our time here - please have a peak. What an experience riding elephants through dense, lush jungle, chasing tigers and peaking at huge Asian rhino. Elephant bathing time was also quite a treat. Sadly, our one photo of a tiger we chanced upon feeding on a bloated, chewed human corpse on a river bank jumping out towards us out of a bush didn't come out as we had the camera on the wrong setting! I was busy tucking my feet into the elephant platform and hoping not to be meal no.2. Never thought we would actually come face to...

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Dec 8, 2004 - NEPAL - Royal Chitwan National Park

NAMASTE!!! After 12 days in Tibet, we arrived back in Nepal not only tired but also very sick. 12 days of no heat anywhere really took a toll on us! We tried to recover for 2 days in Kathmandu (we are really getting the hang of this place!) before heading south to the Royal Chitwan National Park. But, before being allowed to travel, we spent 5 hours at Nepali Immigration here in Kathmandu trying to get our visas sorted out which were never properly dealt with when we exited Nepal for Tibet. The Nepali immigration man at the border with...

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Oct 26, 2004 - Chitwan Park - Nepal

Chitwan Park was a wonderful way to end the Nepal part of my journey. The park, 5 hours from Kathmandu and 5 hours from the Indian border, was an unexpected highlight of the trip. I quickly learned that Chitwan is a magical place with day hikes, cultural programs, amazing people, night-time jungle safaris, a full-moon (bonus), elephant rides, and even the spontanious opportunity to share a bath with the elephants in the nearby river. The elephant ride was unbelievable - I think I still have some of the bruises to remind me of the ride. The...

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The Journey

Oct 18, 2004 - Chitwan nationalpark

Jeg skulle have vaeret til Bardia nationalpark i Vestnepal, men grundet maoisterne var der ingen der turde tage mig dertil (toessedrenge), saa jeg endte i stedet i Chitwan nationalpark. Det var 3-4 dage paa hotel med ren luksus og tjenere som naesten kun havde til formaal at goere mit liv bedre. Jeg tog afsted med Sebastian (selvfoelgelig) samt den danske guide fra jysk rejsebureau, Sofus, og endnu en dansk pige, Sarah. Vi var paa junglesafari paa elefantryg paa jordens mest ringe og ukomfortable kasse placeret paa elefantens ryg. Det var...

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Jun 4, 2004 - Kathmandu - Chitwan

We got up in the morning really looking forward to our 2 night - 3 day trip to Royal Chitwan National Park. We got up nice and early 05:45 and someone came to take us to the bus for 06:45. We got their and got the 2 seats behind the driver, normally I do not like these seats as I consider them more dangerous if anything were to happen. But today they were a god send, as they had alot of leg room. The journey should have only taken 5-6 hours, but we seem to have no luck at all with bus journeys in Nepal. Due to land slides and the 3 previous...

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