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Jul 13, 2013 - Unusual sights and experiences

Katmandu is a vibrant and interesting city. It is modern in many places and yet holds on to aspects of time gone by. I have included two rather unusual but funny pics. Yesterday Dick and I did a bit of shopping and poking around. Today, we had a few hours this morning of meditation with a well known yogi who has spoken around the world. ......interesting guy. Then we had a massage. Dick fell sound asleep during his massage.....he wasn't quite snoring but almost. At the moment it is pouring like hell. Not surprised as it is monsoon season....

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Jul 11, 2013 - Respect and age

People with very gray or white hair are considered old people in the Himalayas. Although a shock to be considered "old" it does have its advantages especially if you are a male. Both the Tibetan and Nepali people call you Grandfather or Grandmother. It would be disrespectful to call you by your first name or even Mr. Or Mrs. So and So. Our Tibetan guide Chou Din was extremely solicitous of Dick and she was absolutely incredulous that he was seventy. That just couldn't be! Very few men live to be seventy in the Himalayas and if they do live...

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Oct 15, 2011 - Crap patties

Warning the following blog is disgusting! If you have a weak stomach or are fecally challenged then don't read this. Otherwise read at your own peril! Crap Patties! by Audrey One day, in Pangboche, Nepal, we were staying in one of Linda’s friend's lodges. It was a rest day, and we had just lost one of our sherpas, Hari. We lost him, because Gurman, Linda’s friend, recommended him. He was with us until we came to this lodge. We found out he actually worked for them until we came along. Then he served as our sherpa for a while. We gave his...

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Oct 14, 2011 - Walker's thoughts on Nepal

Hi all, we're curled up in the fetal position sucking our thumbs in Kathmandu, ordering room service, swimming in the pool, and watching movies at the wonderfully tattered Yak and Yeti hotel. Our room could have been in a James Bond movie in 1975. We had a wonderful 17 day trek in the Everest region of Nepal and are now resting up and catching up. I hope to add several entries over the next couple of days starting with this one from Walker. Enjoy Walker Over the past three weeks I went through an exhausting, leg soring, gut hurting, foot...

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Oct 8, 2011 - In the mountains

Hi all Jay here, We're back in Namche Bazaar which is a hub for trekking in the Everest region of Nepal. I still can't upload photos here, but it is spectacularly beautiful here. We just got back from a ten day trek up to the Ama Dablam base camp. We are at the front end of the tourist season and mostly stayed off the beaten path so we have not seen too many other tourists until a couple days ago when we came back down the main path to Everest base camp. We have had a wonderful time trekking with the kids. Tomorrow we are going to visit a...

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Sep 26, 2011 - Thoughts on Shanghai

Hi all Jay here, we're in Katmandu, Nepal right now. If the weather allows we will be catching a plane in the morning and flying up into the mountains. I don't think we will have much internet up there so we probably won't be in communication for two or three weeks, maybe a little longer. I also would love to add some photos to this entry but the internet here is really slow so it'll have to wait until we get somewhere with better access. Everyone is doing well, Walker is a little overwhelmed by the poverty here, but it's a good experience...

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Mar 23, 2011 - יום שני בקטמנדו

היי, פעם ראשונה שאני כותב ביומן ועוד עם מקלדת באנגלית. זה היום השני שאנחנו בקטמנדו. אחרי יום די מגעיל בדלהי (שהייתה שיפור מעצירת הביניים במומבאי) קטמנדו היא הקלה מבורכת. הלילה הראשון בדלהי עבר עלינו בשכונה די מרוחקת ובאכסנייה שהיו לא מעט קשיים למצואה (כולל נהג מונית קומבינטור וחדר עם קירות עובש). אחרי הלילה הראשון המראנו לקטמנדו וכאן הכל שונה הכל רגוע ותיירותי ועם עמית בתור המדריך שלנו הנחיתה נהיתה ממש רכה. היום היינו במקדש הקופים ובטקס שריפת גופות ובלילה פנינו מועדות לקזינו המקומי. הזמנו נסיעה לפוקרה למחר ואני משער שכבר מחרותיים או יום...

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