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Jun 20, 2007 - Tibet Jeep Tour Day 5 and 6 - EVEREST!!

Everest Finally!!! Driving up to 5200 m, the entire car (well the 5 tourists anyhow) were all getting anxious to get to base camp. We had a quick stop at Rhonbuk Monestary where Tim started to start to feel the altitude. He started sucking on the oxygen cans he bought back in Shegar, but all this did was reduce the pain while the can lasted. Hitting Tent City (you don't actually stay at base camp on these tours but at "tent city" which is walking distance from base camp) we went into the first hotel (a tent) and Tim spent the rest of the...

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Jun 19, 2007 - Tibet Jeep Tour Day 4 - Sagya and Shegar

Quickly * Checked out the Sagya Monestary that had a Cool Protecterant chapel with wolves out the front!! * A couple photos for Tims materials buddies here (doing in the old skool way!!) * Picking up Tickets for entry to Everest!! * First Sight of EVEREST (Qomolangma) YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so gonna jump that mountain!! * Finding air in a can!! Just like spaceballs!!

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Jun 19, 2007 - Shegar - Rongphu - Everest Base Camp (5200 m)

Mount Blanc is a dwarf... We finally reached the highest point of our journey and spent the night at Mount Everest Base Camp (EBC). Sunrise over the Himalayas was outstanding. We had an early start, because Matt had convinced us to look at the nightly sky and the milkyway. Indeed, it is incredible how many stars you can see when you are in a dark and non-polluted environment. For the first time we could see the milkyway and Saturn's moons became visible with binoculars. The drive up to the Pang-la Pass was not much less spectacular and...

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Nov 15, 2006 - Everest Base Camp Trek: Namche Bazar to Phakding

We woke leisurely, ate a great breakfast, chatted with Tzedam, and shopped at the Tibetan Market. When were about halfway down and we were entering the village areas I realized that I had missed the subtle beauty of the environment of the villages. I slowed my pace to interact with the locals - play with the children, laugh with the adults, and notice the relationships between the locals. The smiles of the Sherpa's are the same as the Tibetan's - broad, beautiful, and full of love. Even the porters are happy to say "Namaste" while carrying...

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May 26, 2004 - Namche Bazar - Lukla (6 hrs)

Descent 1,100M, Ascend 300M We treated ourselves to a lie in this morning. We thought we deserved it. We set off at about 08:00 and headed for Lukla, and the propsect of arranging an earlier flight. We had lunch at about half way at Phakding. We had to put a bit of a spurt on to reach Chablung and pick one of our bags up, that we had left behind (make it easier on Manuj) and then to reach Lukla before 15:00 to move our flight to the next day (fingers crossed). We made it with plenty of time in the end, which was a relief. We checked into...

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