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Jul 7, 2012 - Day 11 - Livingstone to Nunda Lodge Near Divundu - Caprive strip Namibia

Early Breakfast at the Zambezi Sun - We said our goodbyes to Hans who went back to Denmark then to drive to France for his summer holiday. Hans was a great travel companion and we had loads of fun and got through nearly all 80's heavy metal albums. We left at 7.30 headed towards Katima Molino - made a wrong turn but eventually found our way - At Katima we crossed the border into Namibia - The Caprive Strip which we had hoped would provide fantastic scenery and loads of animals was actually quite boring - We did see a few Elephants - had a...

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Jun 27, 2012 - Day 161 to 163 - Ngepi...Loos with a view

On the way to the Namibian border crossing, I had a revelation. For a long while I thought the hand signal of the thousands we've passed trying to hitch a lift meant they were asking us to slow down. With arm outstretched and palm facing to the ground, the hitcher would wave their arm up and down in what I thought was a "slow down you're going too fast" type signal. In actual fact this is the universal signal for a ride in Africa and my revelation that day amounted to how much of a ride the hitcher was asking for. For a lift to the next...

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5 African Hornes

Jul 27, 2011 - The Road to Botswana

My reason for bringing a spare pair of thermals for night wear paid off! We survived quite a cold night, waking up to loud and varied birdsong plus the rising sun in our eyes. It was lovely to be able to lie in. It was a day of catch up – blog notes and washing. Due to the hot water being driven by solar, showers were cold until mid afternoon. On the opposite bank is a game park and we could see a water buffalo and elephant. The sighting of the water buffalo meant we had seen The Big Five in one trip so very happy with that! (Although knew...

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