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Feb 17, 2011 - Costa Do Sol Visit

I actually felt quite alert today and eager for a training session. Normally I'm awake and in the zone by breakfast then on the way to training the journey gets me prepared and active. However this is normally quashed by Miguel's team talks at the start of every training session so I feel tired again when we start. Training was the best one yet, probably because we didn't actually do much, just some passing and crossing exercises then a mini match in one half of the pitch. The crossing exercise was stupid in terms of conditions because...

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Feb 16, 2011 - Spartacus Training

This morning, before training, we were told the devastating news that our 3 o'clock coaching session had been cancelled to accomodate a 3 o'clock meeting. On this bombshell we participated in training and began with a warm up using both tennis and footballs. One did kick ups with the tennis balls while the others worked on dribbling and turning in pairs. We then moved onto an assault course Miguel had set up which would've even made Spartacus sweat and tire. It involved 3 lines of cones and hurdles which we either had to side step, jump...

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Feb 15, 2011 - Teacher, Teacher

Training finally resumed with a huge 3 and a half hour session. Everysession starts witha long pep talk by Miguel but obviously it's boring to us because of the language barrier. Moussa and Lloyd are good at English but they can't translate everything that's said and do their best to inform us. During the talks I get really restless and just want to get on with training. Assistant manager/coach Simao took us for the warm up and it was really good, reminded me of the warm ups we were taught by Arsenal during our training days. We then paired...

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Feb 14, 2011 - Murocco Session

Good old Lloyd told us there was no training while I was stuffing my face over breakfast. So with this in mind we planned to take it easy and then go coach Paulinho's team Murocco at 3. For some reason I was really tired and spent almost the entire day in and out of sleep. People say 'I've never slept so much' as a throw away comment but it was true of me today. 3 o'clock soon came round and and we set out for Paulinho's area of town. His area was situated halway up the mountain and on our way we could see Futeco Park in the distance. We...

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Feb 13, 2011 - Bit of a Drag

After yesterday's antics today was the usual Sunday chill out session. Relaxed and strolled around most of the day and did more of the same in the sfternoon. Lunch was made by Cheryl the bar girl and was Sudza and fish which the rest of us had. Everybody was recuperating from the match/battle yesterday and our misery was compounded by the lack of quality Premier League matches on the box. Sunday is our rest day although I don't really enjoy it especially in the heat because the lack of purpose and heat just drains me.

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Feb 12, 2011 - Mozambican Birthday

Had a fantastic birthday today and how many people can ever say they did what I did today and in Mozambique! It was match day which equates to a lie in due to us playing the friendly match at home, in Chimoio, against vilankulou. Kick off was at 3 and it would take us about an hour to get there so we would leave at 12ish. The camp was in a relaxed mood in comparison to the pandemonium prior to the Beira game. I followed suit and was in a chiloled out mood as I knew I wasn't going to play and didn't want it to dictate or ruin my day. All the...

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Feb 10, 2011 - It's Chico Time

Had training at 8 and did some ball work under the tuition of Simao the assistant manager. He used to be manager but is now assistant manager since Miguel was appointed. Rather long session today we worked for 3 hours and were greeted at the club with Sudza and Kove. After lunch I had a gym workout and then we set off to see Chico's coaching session. We were running late with Pingi and so it turns out was Chico. He bumped into us on the way to his area's training ground. The make shift pitch was bobbily as ever and placed next to train...

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Feb 9, 2011 - Good-Bad-Good

Had a banana for breakfast with the usual roll and found out banana's don't stay fresh long here because the heat just turns them all bruised and mushy. This was washed down with a cup of cha (tea) made using the leaves of a local plant which infuses the water making it smell and lemoney like lemsip. Pingi told us it's also good for fighting malaria therefore every decent Mozambican citizen shoiuld have one. Our first morning only training went well with us getting back to football drills and having lots of touches of the ball. We played a...

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Feb 8, 2011 - A Hurdle Too Far

It was a double training session today involving fitness in the morning and ball work in the afternoon. My temper had calmed from the past 2 days and I was happy to be playing football again. The fitness work began easily enough and I led our group in the stretching circle. We then split into 3 groups in 3 lanes marked by cones. We did some light warm jogs and different dynamic stretches. The intensity then increased slightly before slowing down to a walk at the end while shking our weary limbs. At this stage I thought great we won't be set...

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Feb 7, 2011 - Twiddling Thumbs

Woke up with aburning hatred cause I didn't play yesterday and it was the first match since I was about 7 or 8 where I didn't play so it cut me deep. Went and got breakfast after a lay in and had a trip to the market. People were scattered all about the place like the fallout of our defeat had caused them to be there. Gabriel was still injured and his family are from there so he remained there. Miguel and Pingi stayed in Chimoi with their families while the rest of us were back at the club. A very, very relaxed day we minced around the...

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Feb 6, 2011 - Away Day Blues

It was meant to be a great ocassion however was my worst day yet. We were told that we had to be ready to leave the club by 5 for the Beira trip. We were up at 4.15 and ready by 5 only to find players still washing and getting dressed. We havn't quite caught onto African time keeping yet and the relaxed, laid back attitude. Maybe it's best summed up by a story Schalk once told, when he first lived here he lived with Mr Mann's family in his house. One day he came back, late in the day, to find Mr Mann sprawled on the sofa and Schalk said...

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Feb 5, 2011 - Under 14s Arsenal-GDM Tournament

Saturday's are tournament days and also early start days. So, once awoken from my deep slumber, I cracked on with getting ready. The coaches were prepped and all we had to do was layout the slightly bigger pitches than last week's tournament for the U14s. We were expecting 6 teams however we received 4 so the same format as last week was applied. Pingi had got the children to carry the goals to the pitch so we had 4 mini goals for the 2 pitches - perfeito! By the way it's not extortionate getting kids to carry stuff around they actually...

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