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Dec 6, 2012 - Free Day in Vilanculos

Thursday, December 6th - Vilanculos - Free Day A crazy storm literally poured tons and tons of rain throughout the night....lightening, thunder, and periods of no electricity which meant no fans. The wind was fiercely blowing and knocking the coconut trees in front of the lodge back and forth like it was a tropical storm...we thought for sure it was going to be a rainy day spent at Casa Babi. Still rainy during our breakfast, our Dhow Sailing/snorkeling trip was canceled. It was actually a blessing in disguise because it gave us an...

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Dec 5, 2012 - Snorkeling 2 Mile Reef - Bazarato Island

Wednesday, December 5th - Snorkeling 2 Mile Reef - Bazarato Island It was a great hot morning and a great day for our snorkeling trip to Bazarato Island to snorkel the archipelago of Two Mile Reef! We were taking it thru the Odeseyea Dive company (owners of our lodge). About 8 divers and 3 snorkel ears climbed on a small motorized dive boat and set out full speed ahead to Bazarato Island. It was about a 45 min ride to the island. The ride was very bumpy with large waves crashing into our tiny boat. I was hanging on for dar life on the boat...

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Dec 4, 2012 - - day in Villanculous

Tuesday, dec 4- day in Villanculous Ay 3:45am I wasn't awakened to hippos or lions but rather men shouting...ha! It was the fisherman getting ready to set sail during high tide as the sun rose at 4:00am. I wanted to watch the sunrise but figured I would do it another day and rolled off to sleep in today...till 6:30! Ha! It was great getting up to see such beautiful view and the water sparkling for the morning sun. I even have fantastic views of the water and beach in the reflection of the bathroom mirror while I brush my teeth! A relaxing...

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Dec 3, 2012 - Johannesburg, South Africa to Vilanculos, Mozambique

Monday, dec 3rd - Johannesburg, South Africa to Vilanculos, Mozambique Up early again but this time with a hair dryer! Yea! My pet peeve is a hotel that says they have wifi, you buy time on it, and the connection is too weak to use it....and that is what happened this morning. I had to resort to using my " intl package" I bought from AT&T that evidently does not apply to ANY of the countries I visited, my phone has been officially shut off! so, that was not a nice call to them this morning...I think its time to scrap the idea of blogging in...

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Aug 1, 2012 - Day 40 Inhambane to Vilanculos

We left Barra Lodge after breakfast at about 08h00am, i had been woken up at 05h45am by a door which had opened in the night and was banging in the wind!..it had been quite windy here since we arrived. The drive to Vilanculos (actually now spelt Vilankulo after independence ) was about 320kms, via Maxixe, Massinga, and we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn (for the second time on this trip but in the opposite direction!). Driving through each small village or town the speed limit was reduced from 100kph to 80 then 60..we were stopped by police...

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Aug 1, 2012 - Day 39 Xai Xai to Inhambane - Barra Beach Lodge

We left Xai Xai at 9 Am drove through flat landscape for about 260 to arrive at Barra Beach Resort – the first place we have been that reassembles Kenya a bit – Yes here we have the hungry sales men on the beach – all other places we have ben had been our own – but that’s over we are now sharing. We are staying in a shack type thing on the beach – not fantastic but we will survive for the night. By Thomas

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Jul 12, 2012 - Greeting in Vilakulos- a little more than expected

I wake up to the sunrise to take pictures and catch up on my blog. There is no wifi so I will have to post them later. Hopefully. It is an incredible morning... If you were describe they best morning you have ever had, that was mine. I was in a place both physical and spiritual that I never wanted to leave. I'm outside with my coffee press and decide its time to gather my things. I walk inside, Over to my luggage and what do I see-- ANTS. Everywhere. In my clothes. Wait I have no food, how the hell? Crap. The steak. I left the steak fat...

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Jun 6, 2012 - Vilanculos

When I got to the bus just bevor 4am I went straight up to the bus driver and asked him why the tiked said 150 mtc less I had paid. He went to investigate in the matter at once. he found out who the guy was and made him return my money. They guy felt really bad. I guess he won't do that anymore. At around 11 the guy next to me pocked me. The bus driver wanted to let me know that it was my stop. We were unexpectedly early. I got of the bus and looked around. We were about 20kms from vilaculos. I didn't have to wait long until the 1st chapa...

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Trip Journal

Hakuna Matata

Oct 24, 2010 - Vilanculos & Bazaruto

Vilankulos Après 1,5 mois de vadrouille, on arrive enfin à la plage, et quelle plage! Toute la côte mozambicaine est jonchée de belles plages, on a décidé de faire un stop à Vilankulos (à environ 8h de bus au Nord de Maputo) et l'archipel de Bazaruto. Vilankulos est un petit village de pêcheurs, et en basse saison (comme en ce moment), c'est très calme. On a choisi une lodge sympa avec piscine, et on déguste des fruits de mer à chaque repas! L'intérêt principal de Vilankulos, c'est de faire un tour dans l'archipel de Bazaruto, résevre...

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Jul 4, 2009 - Vilankulo

Vilankulo is famous for it's world heritage site islands offshore. It was clear that the town had once been booming with tourism. The strange thing was that most of the shops, hotels, restaurants and campgrounds were empty or shut. It was a bit of a ghost town as most South Africans (Mozambique's major tourists) don't get this far North. We heard that the decline might somehow be related to the ongoing Zimbabwe crisis (whose citizens used to frequent the town). Fortunately after asking around we eventually found a nice campground about 10...

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Jul 1, 2009 - Inhambane

ah, the beautiful mozambique! this place was so beyond beautfil, its will be hard to put it all into words for you to imagine (as my camera isnt being read by the computer at the moment- big surprise there). if namibia is famous for its pictureque deserts, and botswana is famous for its 2;1 donkey to human ratio, than mozambique is known as paradise. its lush greens contrast the indigo blues of the indian ocean, with the 2 meeting at the white sandy beach where they almost crash into one another. driving to our accomodation was like driving...

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Jun 27, 2009 - Zavora

We drove about 4 hours up to the next seaside resort town of Zavora. Most of the roads were good, but then we hit a patch of around 60 KMs of potholes that left us both feeling like we'd just played hours of the video game asteroids. Some of the holes were probably knee-deep and as big as tractor tires! John and I had agreed (or I'd insisted, truth-be-told) there was to be no more "helpful driving tips" given unless we were in imminent danger. Given that there was plenty of danger, a temporary lift was placed on the "backseat driver ban" as...

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