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Jan 13, 2018 - A Night in the Atlas Mountains

We drove over the Atlas Mountains via Tizi n'Tichka Pass (7200 feet) and some of the more winding mountain roads I've seen. At one point, the driver coaxed our van between a too-puny-for-my-taste guardrail and a jack-knifed cargo truck. Around midday we were in the foothills of the north Atlas Mountains in a village called Imlil. We left large bags in storage and walked about two miles and 1,000 feet up to a castle-like guest house on the edge between a village called Aroumd and the entry to Alpine country. One of the women elected to hire...

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Trip Journal

Second Time Around

Sep 25, 2016 - Around the Kasbah

We had a whole day with nothing planned except a trip to the Hammam, so I will just show you around a bit. This is an amazing place with a petting zoo of 2 camels, 3 donkeys, several goats, and a peacock. There is a vegetable garden full of tomatoes, peppers and many herbs used by the kitchen along with many fruit trees (apple, orange, quince and pomegranate are a few we saw) and walnut trees. Grass tennis courts, ping pong table, larger than life chess along with many terraces make for lots of opportunity to relax. Both the indoor pool and...

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Sep 24, 2016 - High Atlas Mountains

We are heading back into the mountains for a 2 night stay at Sir Richard Branson's resort Kasbah Tamadot. But prior to our stay, we had two exciting activites-the weekly market in Asmi and a hike in the Toubkal National Park, home to the highest peak in North Africa at about 13,600 feet. The market was a colorful, crowded, interesting sight with a "parking lot" of the Berber 4 x 4's (donkeys), lots of livestock and animals for sale (as well as some rather gruesome "parts") and an array of previously used shoes, clothes and other assorted...

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May 19, 2012 - Back to Imlil, end of trek

19 May – After breakfast we start the trek back to Imlil. The past two days, Rashid has been screwing around and disappearing for hours at the time. Also, he stopped feeding me well. I have been eating sardines, rice and bread – I think he pockets the money that Amhed gave him for provisions. As we head out of the village, two women carrying huge loads of firewood on their back ask me for help. The older woman cut her leg with the ax while chopping wood. I clean her wound with creek water and bandage it with strips made from one of my...

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May 18, 2012 - Imsker - Tizi Oussem

From Imskil we climb out of the valley, cross another pass down to the valley and up again. This was the longest, most rocky and desolate hike yet. Amongst the rocks, cactutes, juniper bushes, and thorny plants abound. At the top of the pass, we eat a picnic lunch on a rocky outcrop and then begin the long descent to Tiziane and then the climb to Tizi Oussem. The trail takes us to the base of a rocky peak on whose top the village sits. Hence, after seven hours of peaks and valleys I have to scramble straight up on a barely cut trail in...

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May 17, 2012 - Trek Day 2 - Tinnerhourhine - Imsker

I slept great and now after breakfast we start our hike towards the villages of Ikkiss, Amshere, Arg and then Imsker where we will spend the night. Today the hike is easy relative to yesterday. Gradual up and downs allow for enjoyment of the views and repair of feet and legs. There is a lot of poverty in these villages where time stood still. The women tend to animals and household whilst the men work the land. They are agrarian, self-sustaining villages, built along the river where they grow vegetables and fruit – mostly cherries, figs and...

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May 16, 2012 - Trek Day 1 - Imlil-Tinnerhourhine-Tacchedert-Tinnerhourhine

After a lovely breakfast of homemade flatbreads, butter and jams and of course mint tea, my guides and the mule arrive. They are young 18 and 15, polite and attentive. It is a long and steep climb out of the valley – 5 km straight up – followed by an even steeper descent to the valley below and the village (all of the area is Berber land) of Tinnerhourhi where we have a lovely lunch – tons of fresh veggies – prepared by my guide utilizing the common kitchen of the Gite (guest house) where we will sleep tonight. It is simple and rustic...

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Feb 22, 2009 - Jebel Toubkal

After two days in Marrakech, we decided to take a day trip excursion out of the city to see what the nearby countryside had to offer. Michel as always helped in this regard suggesting we hire a car and head to Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa at an impressive 13,602 ft. While there, he knew a young Berber guide that would take us on a hike ending with a home cooked lunch at his families house in a small Berber village near the base of the mountain. It sounded like exactly what we wanted - some respite from the chaos, some...

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