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Feb 1, 2018 - Up & Down Two Gorges

Day 18 - Thursday 1st February What a marvellous country for touring in. One Day on sandy beaches by the sea, next up in the mountains, then down to the edge of the desert before heading back to the snowy mountains & seemingly endless plains. Something different every day. Today we are going to Gorge ourselves. There are two gorges through the mountains here which are on our list of sights to see, the Dade & the Todra. My plan was to head North up the Dade Gorge about 75 miles to the where the road joined with the road up through the Todra...

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May 15, 2017 - Todra Gorge near Tinehir

Copy and paste the link for this album https://goo.gl/photos/iCPtCwDmSZVAqAuD9 Sunday 14th May Off towards Todra Gorge, even hotter, between 36 & 40°, when we stopped for coffee, the Lady's aircon obviously switched off, the heat enveloped us completely, every movement was an effort. But we arrived at Camp Badou at Tinerhir by lunch, plugged in the electric, so soon getting a more reasonable temp of 30° ish. Got to the campsite's lovely pool asap. Once evening came the temp dropped to just hot, and we all sat outside at a large table and...

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Oct 17, 2007 - Tinerhir

Buses(3) from desert to Tinerhir, up at 7 am arrived at 2:30pm and fellow led us to Hotel de l'Avenir, very clean, mostly French(owned as well), served us tea right away even before we checked in. Journey by bus to here was thru flat flat land (black soil) interspersed with great oasies like settlements and ton's of date palms, lots of henna hand and feet tattooing... As soon as we could we went to taxi stand, but due to lateness(330) we opted to pay for a full(6 persons) taxi and get to the Todra Gorge before it would be too late to get a...

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Oct 28, 2005 - Todra Gorge

Changed back to our taxi and drove off towards the Todra Gorge. Spectacular mountain ranges, dry arid looking areas, but with nomads herding camels goats and sheep- its hard to see what they eat. Towns appear, with houses made out of a mud and straw mixture over concrete block or rocks and painted the same colour as the surrounding hills, mostly a dusky pink and very exotic looking. When we entered Todra Gorge the scenery changed. Along the river banks in the bottom of the gorge were fields of dtaepalms, almonds, vegetables and herbs- such...

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Aug 1, 2005 - MoroccanRoll

Volubilis--ruins from when the Roman Empire stretched into North Africa. And although they are not in great condition (why do you think they are called 'ruins'?)they do provide a fascinating glimpse into a small (20,000) Roman city. They definitely knew the meaning of the word location, as the site is situated on a slope with a great view and easy access to water, especially after the irrigation set-up was in place. We spent the next day taking a long drive to southern Morocco for our camel trek. The Sahara--as hot, windy, and forbidding as...

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Sep 17, 2004 - Tinehir, Morocco

Tenerhir is a smallish town basically in the middle of nowhere. [I am very proud, this was the first time that we bargained the hotel price under what the guide book published, although we were nowhere as hard core as the 3 Italian girls with whom we shared a cab next day up to the gorge] There is a big gorge nearby called the Todra Gorge which is the city's main tourist draw. We decided to spend two days in the town so I could get over a cold I had caught (no doubt on the SARS plane). I was feeling a little better the next day and our room...

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