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Oct 20, 2018 - Midnight at the Oasis

OCTOBER 14th - We are off on what will be 3 days of a lot of time in the bus. We are heading to the Sahara via the Mid Atlas Mountains. So, time to reflect on a few observations. Cafes, and there are plenty, seem only to be used by the men. We have yet to see any women in them. Second, why, are they all there and not working. The other thing you see is groups of men sitting on the stoop of the homes just watching the traffic go by. When they speak it sounds like they are almost yelling at each other. The women on the other hand, if they say...

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Road to Morocco

Feb 2, 2018 - Back To The Desert

Day 19 - Friday 2nd February A quiet day today as we headed South West to Merzouga where we stopped at the la Gazelle Bleu Camp Site, right beside the massive sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. The roads, again, were mainly long & straight with just a few towns along the way. The only real feature of the morning was a convoy of about eight Italian motorhomes that seemed to be following the same route as us out of the Todra Gorge. Fortunately we lost them before we got to Merzouga. The camp site was lovely with just a half dozen French & one Dutch...

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Oct 15, 2017 - Sunday Osct. 15 Travel to Fes

WE got up early on Sunday around 6:30am. Spending the night in the Berber tents was so special. It was very chilly and we were in our down jackets and hats... about 40 degrees. We waited and waited for the sun to actually rise over the dunes. It was cool to see the shadows change on the tall dune behind us. A dozen or so people from other groups climbed to the top of the large dune to watch the sun rise... takes about 20 minutes to climb it. As it turned out, a couple from Japan was married up there!!!! We saw them come back down in...

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Oct 14, 2017 - Oct. 14: Sand Dunes and Camel Ride

Saturday, Oct. 14 Dunes Saturday morning we took photos of the sunrise over the desert,and had breakfast in the hotel, Auburge Du Sud. I could not turn on the water in my room!!! I turned all the knobs, tried to flush the toilet, etc. I learned at breakfast that they don't turn the water on in the rooms until after 7:00 am.... desert!!! So I had to run back to the room and turn off the water, which had by then flooded the sink area... thank goodness the room was all tile with a drain. Then we jumped into our 4 wheel drive land cruisers and...

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Oct 13, 2017 - Friday Oct. 13: Travel to Sand Dunes

Friday Oct. 13 Wow. I did not realize this was Friday 13 until I started this blog section!!!! I was up at 6 am to climb to the top of the Kasbah hotel. I watched the sunrise from this terrace. I heard the roosters waking up the village, the calls to prayer from the mosque, and a dog howling along!!! Beautiful start to the morning. Today we are traveling to the Sahara Sand dunes where we will stay for two nights. Ismail talked to us about the state of women in Morocco. In the past, girls were wed at an early age (12-14) through an arranged...

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Jun 19, 2017 - Fez to Merzouga

June 19: Fez to Merzouga Middle Atlas Mountains Agricultural valley Midelt plateau High Atlas Mountains--eastern side Ziz River Erfoud village of Rissani--7th century; fossils 3000 year old wells Sahara Desert, Erg Chebbi Merzouga: small desert Berber village Last area for the French to occupy because of the fierce Berber warriors.

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Nov 30, 2016 - Desert Delight and Draa Valley

Hi from Adgz in the Draa Valley. The desert camp in Merzouga was amazing! I would post more pics but internet connection is iffy. We rode into camp on camels, ate dinner and slept in Bedouin tents. Amazing what ingenuity Said and his staff display. Today we drove to Draa Valley- 200 Km long and filed with 850,000 date palms. The pic shows a kasbah built in 16th C where 23 families still live. Back to Marrakech then on to Rabat on Friday.

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Sep 19, 2016 - Les Jardin de Skoura and the Valley of the Roses

An interesting drive, again...this time for a look at the Valley of the Roses. We drove to the overlook for the old Kasbah (fortress) and valley, then continued on to our picnic site down a rustic road near the "river". At our arrival there were several women from the local village washing their clothes while small children played nearby. We did not eat much of the large picnic provided by our guest house, so we had our driver offer it to the children who were spying on us through the bushes. They accepted readily and ran off to a corner...

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Sep 18, 2016 - Drive from our camel trek to Les Jardin de Skoura

Once again a long drive broken up by several interesting stops. First stop-fossil factory. So we learn that this entire desert was under water some many millenniums ago and they have found lots of fossil evidence in the Atlas Mountains. We had a brief tour of the factory and an even briefer experience in the showroom--though, if I needed a granite like table, these would be fabulous with fossils within and then polished. Quite beautiful as well as interesting but the shipping cost home, not so much! Then we made a stop at the Todra Gorge....

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Sep 18, 2016 - Camels in the Sahara

Quite a long drive from Fes to Merzouga-8 hours, but we enjoyed a number of stops along the way. Ifrane for coffee and a photo of the lion statue, the monkeys along the road, varied terrain, and a few communal water pumps. We arrived at the station to pick up our camels for a trek into the Sahara for an overnight in a Berber tent camp. We mounted up, our luggage was attached to the camel and we took off after our camel guide, Ibrahim. He sang, danced and checked on us constantly (a good thing as John’s camel broke loose and he was...

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Dec 8, 2014 - Merzouga: enjoying serenity of a wide-open space

When I woke up next morning I start walking to the dunes then through the dunes with the idea to get to the tallest one to have an overview of that wide-open space and to search for the serenity which can be find there, where you encounter nobody or where he few people you can see are so small: there is a huge feeling of unlimitedness. I already get there several years ago and wanted to encounter the same feeling: I got it when I found a place in the middle of several dunes in a large hollow. From that place, there was no wing so just the...

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Dec 7, 2014 - On the way to the desert

One of my favorite areas are the wide spaces; deserts are that kind and Merzouga is the place where I had a one week walk some 7 years ago so I cannot leave morocco without getting there again. So 300 kms again to drive through but it makes sense to go there; then I will drive backward to Tanger for getting back to France. I drove through very large area with less and less vegetation and it was late when I get to the last town before Merzouga. There one guy knocked my door wanting to propose a camping in Merzouga... bla bla bla...finally he...

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