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Jan 17, 2014 - Yap With Friends

Yap Pacific Dive Resort. Frank and Laurie and our Hotel. Such a great visit with wonderful people and great weather. Some cut and past for my memory bank. Craig loved the traditional boat building and many pictures are posted here. The Yapese and outer island Yapese were some of the most renowned navigators in the Pacific. Yapese sailors travelled phenomenal distances in outrigger canoes, without the aid of a compass, navigating by the stars and the patterns of ocean waves using techniques of Micronesian and Polynesian navigation. During...

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Jan 13, 2014 - Yap Land Tour

The people of YAP are overall the friendliest people I have met in the world. They are real, with great values. Overall this is the best part of the Island. the Island was only bombed by the US not occupied. They hold true to their culture, but have been greatly influenced by the internet and cable. ( I believe to be provided by satulite (no spelling correction working) and very slow. We do not have TV and I cannot download Keys News.) Back in the 80's more of the people lived in the remote Northern Islands. Marriage was arranged. Women and...

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Jan 10, 2014 - Yap FSM South Pacific

What a great start here.... 2 flights in a week. I of course had to get to the airport way to early. Traditional ladies meet us with the hand make lei . They do go topless but the rule is they have to have grass skirts on to go topless. Being respectful I did not take a picture not knowing their custom. Our Motel Room is great. No TV and limited WIFI in lobby but that was expected. Having only one flight from Guam we indeed know most the limited tourist in town... What fun.

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Oct 22, 2005 - Yap, Micronesia

Our second stop in Micronesia proved much different than the first. Again, we were drawn by the diving. But this diving would be different - here, instead of focusing on shipwrecks, we would swim with enormous, magnificent manta-rays. And what unexpectedly awaited us was a well-organized, charming island with efficient infrastructure. Yap is another cluster of Micronesian islands in the middle of nowhere. But somehow they have managed to put the dollars coming in from the U.S. to good use. Their roads are well-maintained and drivable at...

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