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Feb 16, 2009 - Merida

Feb. 16 - Up early for a tour of the city of Merida. An open sided bus was the mode of transportation. Merida has approximately 1,000,000 people. Though it has some lovely building, including the oldest cathedral in Mexico, big cities can still be stressful. Unseasonably warm temperatures zap the energy - but all in all - a nice day.

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Feb 11, 2009 - A Modern City

We have arrived in the center of Yucatan state, and the city of Merida is a complex, modern place, full of traffic, shopping and good restaurants. It also had a very nice old town feel, with town gates and a very old cathedral. We found the Merida New Generations Rotary Club last night, after a few wrong turns. They were few in number, but high in Rotary spirit.

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Dec 19, 2008 - City of Merida

Friday December 19…9:45pm We left the Uxmal ruins at about 9am. We were heading for Merida, which is the state capital of the Yucatan. It was only about an hour drive so we weren’t in any rush to leave. About 35 km’s outside of Merida, Ruth and I heard a loud bang come from somewhere in the back of the vehicle. It sounded like a large box falling, and Ruth went back to look but didn’t see anything. I felt a little vibration coming from somewhere, but it didn’t seem bad enough to be a flat tire. We pulled over, even though the road was busy,...

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Jun 23, 2008 - Cancun-Chichen Itza and Merida

Bus journey through to the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. A really interesting tour with our guide Julian who really knew his stuff – he carried an umbrella to avoid the heat. Some fantastic ruins with loads of history, really hot day and overrun with tourists – I can’t complain however as I was part of this problem on the day. Managed to get some great pictures at the end of day as many of the tourists had left. Travelled to Merida in the afternoon to share a room with Terry and Michael, had a pizza and a few beers on the hotel roof looking...

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May 5, 2008 - Mérida

This morning we all boarded 2 mini buses and headed off to visit some cenotes. These are pools of crystal clear water deep underground in the most amazing caves. On the way we stopped at a local town to see the bull fighting ring, which only lasts for 5 days a year. Apparently around Merida though the bulls are not killed. To get to the cenotes themselves we had to travel by horse drawn cart along tiny little railway tracks, which we found a horrific experience. This was because there were 7 adults crammed on to a tiny little cart which was...

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Feb 21, 2008 - Cosmopolitan Merida

Merida is a very pleasant place with a main square alive with people surrounded by exceptional looking buildings. We took ourselves off down the "Champs Elysees" of Merida and succeeded in getting a tour around one of the colonial homes and very interesting experience it was. Not so many of these homes exist now and those that do have been transformed into banks which is a shame but at least the buildings have been retained. In the evening, we took in a typical Mayan music evening including dancing and singing.I would reckon at least 60%...

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Feb 2, 2008 - Carnival again!

Arriving in Merida and having a walk around in the previous evening to get my bearings, I was a bit confused by the pictures of the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China I was seeing. Wondering if I'd crossed continents on a space/time bus and not realised, enlightenment dawned as I spoke to a local and found out, yes, that carnival had started the night before, and ran on for 6 more days (it kind of also explained all the chairs and bleachers set up in the streets). Apparently since Chichen Itza is just down the road and is one of the 7...

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Dec 27, 2007 - Merida

Frankly if you happen to miss out on Merida, not much is lost. The Zocalo is crammed with traffic on four sides and sports only a few buildings worth looking at and the rest of the centre is either dilapidated or otherwise of little interest. We arrive in Merida from San Cristobal at 9 am, after another fifteen-hour overnight bus trip on the "Lujo", the luxury service, this time. The comfort is one step up from the 1st class we had had before, and it makes a difference. The seats recline that bit further and more importantly the bus is only...

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Dec 7, 2007 - Merida

Wow, this traeling stuf takes it out of you...In a good way :) So, Wednesday we left our wonderful little cabaña in Tulum to go to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state. Merida is a cool city, blessedly easy to find your way around because streets are numbered and go in order. The bus was long, although not as long as the next one we plan, but eventually we arrived. Our hostel is cool, big, with a patio of hammocks and lots of room. Tess, Leonie and I have our own room, which is great because we don't have to lock our stuff in...

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Trip Journal

The Gap Year of EMF

May 23, 2007 - Road to Pelenque and Merida

Ok, Back from the Jungle.... The last night (Saturday) in San Cristobal was bland. No body wanted to go out. It was to be early start the next day so everyone wanted to sleep. I went out on own but all places were packed with couples so left. Next day headed to Pelenque and stopped along way at Agua Azul and Misol Ha. Aqua Azul was a cascade of waterfalls with clear bluie water pools to play in. Went in for small swim but water did havbe a strong current so stayed close to lands edge- not strong swimmer. headed to Misol ha which is a 80...

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May 18, 2007 - Merida to San Christobel

R: On the way from Merida to San Christobal we stopped off for the day at one of the great ruins of the Mayans. Uxmal was a huge city in its day, battling with the other cities in the region for power. Between about 600 and 900 AD they built huge temples of pyramids in the jungle and controlled commerce in the area. In about 900 AD the culture in the region collapsed (thought to be caused by overpopulation, drought and discontent) and the people moved to the highlands. The jungle encroached on the ruins and and covered them for hundreds of...

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Feb 25, 2007 - Merida, MX - Capital of Yucatan

For breakfast, we dined on pancakes and waffles, whipped up by the staff, and other goodies of our choice for breakfast; Champagne, orange juice and coffee quenched our thirst. It's already a sweltering hot day and the mosquitoes are trying to dine on Hannah for breakfast. Some free time and then our open-air bus collected us for our tour of the city of Merida. Our guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job educating us on the region. He told us the name Yucatan, a Mayan word, really came about when the Spaniards came to the area and...

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