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Apr 9, 2016 - Book Burnings and a Hacienda

Izamal Izamal is a small colonial era town with a large church and convent. The local parking officer turned into a guide and showed us around the huge structure at its center - the Convento de San Antonio de Padua. The convent dates to the mid 16th century and was said to have the largest atrium apart from St Peter's at the time of its construction. Our guide is Mayan and tells us the backstory. Again, a story of the Spanish destruction of the Maya culture on the backs of Maya labor. The Convent was built atop a thousand year old Maya...

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Dec 7, 2015 - We're Ruined ... Edzna & Uxmal, on to Izamal

Isla Aguada to Campeche - 174 km (9:30-2:30); Quota cost 60 MX The road along the coast was slow going, mostly because of the hundreds of topes. But, it was a pretty drive and the road was in fairly good repair. We knew that there weren't any campsites nearby but had two options: a hotel parking lot or a parking lot with 24 hour security. We opted for the parking lot and had a great night. On our way into the town we stopped at one of the forts, I think it was Miguel. The forts were built to keep marauding pirates out of the city....

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Mar 10, 2015 - Izamal

Monday 2/7 Thank goodness for a small car! Managed to get out of the hotel parking garage, and we made our way to the Templo de San Bernardino and Convento de Sisal in Valladolid. It was built in 1552 as a combination fortress and church. We enjoyed seeing the cloister, dining room, and monks’ rooms. The convent and church were adjacent, and the confessionals were such that the priest entered from the convent side, and the confessor from the church side. Also, the entry to the balcony loft in the church was only from the convent side. The...

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May 15, 2011 - Izamal

papa juan pablo el secundo, (oder johannes paul der 2., wie er bei uns besser bekannt war), besuchte auch dieses malerische kolonialstaedtchen mit seinem ...aehm, sehr gelben "hermanos franciscanos"-kloster. (Franziskaner Orden) ein wichtiger wallfahrtsort fuer mexikaner, und sagen wir mal "marketingtechnisch" ein gewiffter schachzug der katholischen kirche, im bemuehen die separat voneinander lebenden bevoelkerungsgruppen der spanisch-staemmigen mexikaner, und der indigenen -besser zusammen zu bringen. hier wurde kurzerhand die statue...

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Dec 28, 2009 - Izamal

Izamal The last day trip we did from Progreso was to the town of Izamal. It was, and still is a very important religious site to the Mayan people. They have been making pilgrimages here since about 1000 BC. It is the site of one of the Yucatán's largest pyramid structures, covering over 2 acres. There used to be a sacred temple here, home of one of the Sun gods, but when the Catholics arrived, they enslaved the people, and made them disassemble the temple, and build a Catholic church on the site. Itzam Na, the Mayan god of healing and...

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