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Dec 19, 2004 - Genesis Retreat near Ek Balam

Ek Balam and Genesis Retreat: Dec 19 The road between Coba and Valladolid was a good highway and it didn't take long to get there. I actually bypassed the city when I took the road to Ek Balam. Here the landscape thinned into scruffy weeds and some short stubby trees. I could see the limestone sub structure of the land protruding through the thin layer of soil. The whole landscape was nothing but a solid shelf of rock all the way to the sea. When I turned on the road marked Ek Balam and went down it for about 5 miles I came to the closed...

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Two months in Mexico

Sep 20, 2004 - Made it to Chichen Itza

Becky made it to Cancun and was able to find me with no problem, phwewww. We dropped her stuff off and headed to the beaches to enjoy a Pina Colada and the sunset. Then we walked over to a romantic thai restaurant and sat on a comfortable mattress while eating our dinner. The restaurant was complete with groovy music, moody lighting, and a dolphin tank. We headed back to the hotel to get some rest before our early morning bus trip to Chichen Itza. Becky had brought me a new cell phone and we set the alarm to wake us up with plenty of time...

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Sep 7, 2004 - ¨Chicken Pizza¨

Today the 3 Italians and I got up early and went to the Chichen Itza ruins. They were about 2 Kilometers from our hotel, so we walked there. I can´t tell you how amazing it was to finally see these amazing pyramids and buildings built by people thousands of years ago! Chichen Itza is home to the famous pyramid that you probably think of when you think of the Maya. It also has many other buildings including an observatory that they built to track the movements of the sun to amazing accuracy. A picture tells a thousand words, unfortunatly to...

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Sep 7, 2004 - Chichen Itza

Dragged myself out of bed before 6 to get to Chichen Itza as early as possible and it paid off. Got there just after the site opened, there must have been about a dozen of us there. After climbing the main pyramid, as you have to, I headed out to some of the more remote areas of the site and didn't see anyone at all for nerly an hour, just me, the birds and a few lizards sunning themselves on the stone serpents heads. By 11ish it was hot as hell and the place had filled up with tour groups so it was time to leave.

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Ruth on the road

Sep 6, 2004 - Piste

The whole way to Piste the taxi driver was blasting American hip-hop music like 50 cent and that milkshake song. There is something about being in a car listening to hip-hop that makes a person from L.A. feel more comfortable. I arrived at the Piramide Inn, thanks to the Lonely Planed guide for the reccomendation. As I was checking in for a two night stay three Italian guys, Marco, Riccardo, and Davide, came in right behind me. Later I ran into them at the hotel restaurant. We sat together and talked, ate, drank beers and tequila and...

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