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Feb 6, 2009 - On the Road Again

Feb. 6 - Left the RV Park on the Emerald Cost around 8:30. Arrived at El Rey RV Park south of Veracruz, just past Boca Del Rio. The day’s travel was uneventful. Passed through banana plantations and saw lots of coconut trees, as well as trucks carrying sugar cane. The trucks were running over with the sugar cane, and a lot of it was scattered along the roadway. El Rey RV Park is out in the middle of nowhere, but the view is great. Our caravan comprises 90% of the campers here. You can see Veracruz from our camp site - we are right on the...

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Feb 5, 2009 - Vanilla Beans Anyone?

Feb. 5 - Took a little jaunt to a local vanilla bean plantation today. Really enjoyed this trip. The owner of the plantation was there, and he personally took us around the plantation to see the vanilla plants growing naturally, and their new enterprise of growing the beans in organically controlled environment. Really interesting, and I think I enjoyed this more than anything I have done to date. Just getting there, through the skinny little street of the town, and then down a dirt road was fun. Since this plantation is small, and not a...

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Feb 4, 2009 - Visiting the Ruins of El Tajin

Feb. 4, 2009 - Today we traveled to the ruins at El Tejiin, in Poza Rica. This was a 40 mile trip one-way, but was well worth it. We had a great guide, Rodricco, who spoke excellent English. His excitement about the history of the ruins, and his extensive knowledge really enhanced our experience. It’s hard to imagine these people from so long ago constructing such huge mountains of stone. And, the explanation of the games that ended in human sacrifice was intriguing - difficult to understand based on what we know today. We had a great...

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Feb 3, 2009 - Feb. 3rd - on the way to Monte Gordo

Feb. 3, 2009 - Left the parking lot around 9:30 a.m. This was supposed to be a short drive day, but it turned out differently. Tampico was difficult. Lots of construction, many police, stop signs very difficult to see, etc. etc. One of our party was stopped (we think it was a policeman), but he was released after paying a 400 peso “fine”. To quote our caravan leader, “Tampico is very unfriendly to RV’s”. This was a very slow, stressful drive. Leaving the cities, the roads were, for the most part, much narrower and curvier, but the country...

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Jan 31, 2009 - Boca del Rio

The wind quit during the night (we later learned that it had peaked at 44 mph) and we rose early to take a bus tour of the Veracruz area. We went for coffee at the Grand Café de la Parroquia, shopped the board walk, toured the fortress of San Juan de Ulua and the zocalo including the Cathedral. The fortress was the most comprehensive and confused I think I have every seen. It was built by Cortez on an island in the 1500s in stages that took over 250 years. The outer ring was for defense. The 2nd ring was to store grain and other products...

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Jan 29, 2009 - To Veracruz

We have along with us a couple who tried to take a caravan into Mexico and Guatemala several weeks ago. They have a beautiful big coach, but it had mechanical issues, and they had to return to Texas at about this point in their trip. At any rate, they decided to join us after having the repairs made. On this day, they had had trouble on the road again. They broke a shock on the rough road. This was the same problem they had had before. This time they had a spare, and ended up lying on the road along the shoulder changing it. As a result,...

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Jan 28, 2009 - El Tajin

I was up early, as it was time to try the RV shower for the 1st time. There was plenty of hot water, but the space is more than a bit tight, at least for me. Corky got her morning constitutional, and Linda got breakfast. The bus arrived on time, and we boarded for a day tour. The Wagonmaster arranges us in seats based on a draw from a deck of cards, to avoid folks having a favorite seat. Our campground owner is also the guide. She is Pilipino, learned English in London with her British husband, and has lived in the Costa Esmeralda area of...

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Jan 27, 2009 - Beach Weather

I should tell you a bit about the functioning of the caravan. We have a Wagonmaster and a Tailgunner. The Wagonmaster is in charge of the arrangements and is the leader of the group. He and his wife also are the source of information about the trip and all its details. The Tailgunner and his wife are in charge of making sure the equipment, cars, trucks and RVs, all make it from one place to another. He is also available to help with repairs. All four take care of the social get togethers. Before each driving day, we have a briefing by the...

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Jan 26, 2009 - On The Road in Mexico

We slept in a bit, since this trip we would do independently as opposed to with the caravan. We tried the shower in the RV for the 1st time. It is a bit like a cruise ship shower, tight but does the job. I also got the new CB antenna lead installed on the roof, hoping that the broadcast range would be better. I could hear, but not be heard. We left camp at the rear of the caravan. Those in front of us immediately took a wrong turn, so we slowed to wait for them to correct. The radio was much better. But, shortly the antenna blew off the air...

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Jan 24, 2009 - Catemaco

We stopped in this town of witchcraft for a couple of days. There is a church here that Mexican people come to be blessed and healed. The big tourist item is a booming business of taking small (12 people) boat trips out to Monkey Island and seeing and feeding the “FAT” monkey’s. We also enjoyed a heartily participated in “Margarita Party”.

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Jan 20, 2009 - Costa Esmeralda

We are stopping for two nights to catch our breath and have a nice dinner before heading south. We took a bus tour out to El Tajin Ruins and watched the Papantla Flyers. The El Tajin Ruins were only discovered about 20 year ago and 20 pyramids have been restored. They say more theny170 remain still to be uncovered. The most interesting is the ball courts and wall carvings that tell the story about the captain of the winning team would have his head decapitated and his blood would spill on the ground renewing it for the new crop. There were...

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Dec 2, 2008 - Lake Catemaco, Mexico

Tuesday December 2…10:0pm We woke up to rain dropping on the roof. It rained steadily while we got ready to go, and didn’t let up until mid-morning. We were on the road by 8:30am, having waited a bit in the hope that traffic will have lightened up by the time we got to the bypass around Veracruz. And the traffic was no problem. The bypass toll road is being worked on though, so it was a bit slow going. We have been a bit concerned about directions in getting around both Tampico and Veracruz because the guide books we have make it out to be...

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