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Mar 17, 2010 - Vera Cruz 17 - 19 Mar

Drove to Vera Cruz and found a nice hotel, The UluaThe manager was friendly and although he didn't speak much English, he was willing to try to communicate. He gave us a huge room on the 3rd floor, with a balcony. The lobby has a microwave and coffee in the morning. Danny is sick with flu-like symptoms...he decided to get antibiotics and wait it out. Bill and I bought hot dogs at a pharmacy??...and some great french bread from a bakery across the street and pretty much existed on those during our stay here...They were actually very good....

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Mar 11, 2010 - La Victoria 11 - 16 Mar

On our way to Catemaco we saw a little road with a sign for a possible hostel...We ended up at La Cabana del Lago...another great find!! We decided to stay here for almost a week. Beautiful room overlooking the lake, jungle trails to explore, waterfalls, bamboo forest...and new friends. There were actually only two rooms at this hotel (which was a building next to the owners house and restaurant)...The owners are Everisto and his wife Lina. On our first evening the restaurant was overrun by a group of men celebrating....Everisto joined...

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Feb 27, 2010 - Xalapa

Xalapa We arrived in Xalapa (ha-LAP-a) just in time for afternoon rush hour. Traffic was very heavy, and compounded by construction on the main through fare. Luciana had told us that it would be difficult to find her house, and thought it best if we meet at her University. We were late for our 5 p.m. meeting time, and were very relieved that she waited for an extra half hour for us. I don’t think we would have found our way otherwise. We spent that evening at Luciana’s family home catching up on what she had been doing since we had last...

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Feb 26, 2010 - To Xalapa

To Xalapa After our long ‘forced stay’ in Paradise, we were thrilled to finally be able to pack up and hit the road again. We headed for our adopted daughter Luciana’s home in Xalapa (ha-La-pa, sometimes spelled Jalapa). We were more than excited to be on the road again. Barbie was a little bit nervous to start with; her foot was still too swollen to wear her boot; she had not done the research on the car tire, so may not have had the confidence in it that I had; and the road was far from the greatest. But still, she said “it is a beautiful...

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Feb 22, 2010 - Very sad news!

For those who have been following Bill and Janine's travels here on their trip journal. As you see, the last journal entry Bill made was on February 18, 2010 – Currently - Traveling in Distrito Federal, Mexico . Bill was in Veracruz. On Monday, February 22, 2010, he made his way from Veracruz and was traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico. He had talked that morning with his Father, Bill Atchison Sr., and was looking forward to taking a rented-car trip for two weeks with Bill Sr., who was expected to arrive later in the week in Oaxaca (February 26,...

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Feb 18, 2010 - A Cold & Wet Day In Veracurz.

It is a good thing I have a comfortable hotel here in Veracruz because I could be here a few days. It is still raining and pretty cold by Veracruz standards; perhaps a high if 14 or 15 C today. Last night it was below 10 C and there is no heat anywhere. Not in the hotel, restaurants or stores. They just never need it. I spent part of the morning searching for a sweatshirt or sweater as the clothes I have with me just aren’t enough. Of course there were none to be found since once again, here they just don’t need them. I can justify my...

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Feb 17, 2010 - Cholula, Puebla to Veracruz, Veracruz

This morning it was cool and wet. It had rained overnight and the overcast skies suggested this might just be the beginning. I had thought I might climb the pyramid to take a few photos of the church on top with the volcano in the background. Not today I am afraid. It was cool and damp but not raining as I made my way through Puebla. I knew I could avoid any tolls if I stayed off the main Mexico-Puebla caraterra but it turned out to be a bit tricky. I abandon the GPS routing and just kept heading in the right general direction I wanted to...

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Jan 28, 2010 - Monte Pio

Began our day walking along the pier at the Alvarado fish market. This is where we saw the pile of kittens looking completely satisfied, as kittens at a fish market would be...They sold crabs tied in a bunch with palm leaves and incredible fresh fish everywhere, filleted any way you like it. We had some cafe con leche at one of the many little cafes along the pier. Cafe con leche consisted of a cup of warm milk and a jar of Nescafe instant coffee for you to add as much as you like...doesn't sound like much but became a favorite morning...

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Jan 27, 2010 - Quiahuixtlan Ruins, Vera Cruz, Alvarado

On to Vera Cruz...fields of bananas all along the road. When you slow down for a speed bump (tope) local towns people sell fresh squeezed orange juice in a plastic bag with a straw. Stopped at a beach on our way to Vera Cruz called Playa Munecos. Nearby saw a sign for the Quiahuixtlan Ruins and decided to stop. Not big or spectacular but remote and simple with beautiful views of the ocean below. People were climbing the mountain nearby. Made it to Vera Cruz and had fresh fish in one of the many small restaurants. The fresh local fish was...

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Jan 26, 2010 - Tajin Ruins

On to Vera Cruz...Misty, humid, jungle like landscape. Very green and beautiful. Took an unplanned detour (got lost)...backtracked to Pozarica where we ate lunch. Found a restaurant right in the city but back a side alley. The best pork plate I've ever had...really tender and delicious...came with salsa, beans, and tortillas...Carmalitta, the parrot and a Tucan were in cages nearby. Tajin ruins were spectacular! Walked through the museum first then on a short trail to the ruins. The air was misty and wet as we walked through the jungle...

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Jan 25, 2010 - Ozuluama

You could get lost for a lifetime in the city of Tampico...where the hell is the puente (bridge)... Spent the night at Hotel Vichin in Ozuluama. Roosters were crowing all night, Semi trucks passing by. Rough night for Bill with the Mexican turkey trots, myself with a nightmare of someone trying to choke me to death and Danny swears he felt an earthquake in the night. But we woke to a beautiful morning...many busy chickens outside our window and a lady collecting their eggs in a ceramic bowl.

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Dec 16, 2009 - Veracruz

Hotel Central. Secure parking, downtown location. good for a 1 night stay. 410 pesos. good coffee shop/restaurant downstairs. www.hotel-central.com.mx Veracruz We got up in the morning to every bikers favorite sound; a complete downpour of rain. We toyed with the idea of just staying put for another night, but then remembered that we were in the rainforest. It could rain like this for days if it wanted to, and warmth and sunshine lay somewhere south of us. We decided to bite the bullet, and ride. I put my rain gear on to pack the bike....

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